Jim Farley Trying to Reinvent Ford and Catch Elon Musk and Tesla

Auto experts say the electric F-150, known as the Lightning, must be successful for Ford to succeed in the era of electric vehicles. Promoting this truck now is tantamount to “betting the company,” said William C. Ford Jr., chairman of the company’s board of directors, Henry Ford’s great-grandson. “If this launch doesn’t go well, we […]

Helped Catch Serial Killers. Could It Stop Poaching Elephant Hunters, Too?

Cambodian law enforcement officials took a lead from investigators at the US Department of Homeland Security. At the freight terminal in Phnom Penh, a cargo container allegedly carrying legally harvested wood from an African country has been emptied for inspection. Authorities opened the large logs and discovered more than a ton of illegal elephant ivory […]

Chimpanzees Catch Insects To Heal Wounds. Folk Medicine?

There have been other reports of self-medication in animals, including dogs and cats that probably eat grass or plants to help them vomit, and bears and deer who apparently consume medicinal plants to self-medicate. Orangutans have been observed to apply plant material to soothe muscle injuries. However, the researchers know of no previous reports of […]

How to Catch a Polar Bear

Spotting a polar bear from a helicopter against the frozen tundra can be difficult. When polar bear biologist Jon Aars sets out for his annual research expeditions, he scans the landscape for sparks of movement or subtle color variations—the slightly yellowish hue of bears’ fur that appears on the white snow. Dr. “Also, you usually […]

7 people arrested in global operation to catch cyber attackers

European authorities announced on Monday that seven hacking suspects have been arrested since February in a global law enforcement effort on cyberattacks called Operation GoldDust. Romanian authorities arrested two people allegedly responsible for the deployment last week REvil Obtaining ransomware and more than $577,000 in ransom payments, according to Europol. The other three suspects REvil […]

How to Catch a Bat

“Treat bats as you would unvaccinated children,” says Winifred Frick, chief scientist at Bat Conservation International. Before Covid, biologists used to blow on bats’ faces to stop biting and on their bellies to confirm their reproductive status. Do not do this; you can unintentionally give a bat coronavirus. New bat handling protocols suggest using an […]

Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch Covid. None

It also blurs the origin of certain datasets. This could mean that researchers overlooked important features that distorted the training of their models. Many unwittingly used a dataset containing breast scans of non-covid children as an example of what non-covid cases look like. But as a result, AIs have learned to identify children, not covid. […]

Chinese Company Buffs Its Face To Catch Young Gamers After Going Out

For almost any video game restriction, kids and teens will find a way around it. But the room for maneuver is narrowing in China, where underage players must sign in using their real name and ID as part of nationwide regulations aimed at limiting screen time and controlling internet addiction. country in 2019 cyber curfew […]