How a Garbage Talking Crypto Brother Caused a $40 Billion Crash

Do Kwon, a South Korean entrepreneur, described the cryptocurrency he created in 2018 as “my greatest invention.” In countless tweets and interviews, he trumpeted the world-changing potential of the currency, Luna, and brought together a group of investors and supporters that he proudly called “Mad”. Mr. Kwon’s company, Terraform Labs, has raised more than $200 […]

The Trigger That Caused Mother Octopus to Destroy Herself

Most octopus species live for one year. But the death of octopus mothers after breeding has long been a scientific demonstration. Exactly why octopus mothers engage in a form of self-harm that leads to death soon after breeding remains a mystery. However A study published Thursday in the journal Current Biology He uses the California […]

Most Cases of ‘Havana Syndrome’ Not Caused by Foreign Power, CIA

The agency has never accused Russia or any other power of being responsible, but some officials, particularly at the Pentagon, said they believed there was evidence of Moscow’s spy agencies involved, and many victims agreed. When Mr. Burns went to Moscow in December to warn Russia against invading Ukraine, brought health issues to the fore […]

How could rising groundwater caused by climate change be devastated?

“There’s a lot of legacy pollution in the Bay Area from military use from the technological explosions in Silicon Valley—leaving a lot of bad stuff out,” says Kris May, a coastal engineer and climate scientist who founded the Pathways Climate Institute. “And most of the time, we relocate low-income homes to these areas after they […]

Visa CEO: COVID caused permanent digital payments transition

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Al Kelly believes there is lasting change in the way consumers around the world pay for goods and services. His 91-year-old parents are a prime example of this. The CEO of payment processing giant Visa recently visited his mother right after she finished shopping online – something she had never done […]

Facebook Outage Caused by a Stage of Error, Says

The company said a series of errors made during maintenance on Facebook’s network caused the outage that took its services offline on Monday. blog post It was published on Tuesday. Facebook’s family of apps, which includes Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, has been offline for more than five hours as employees scramble to repair the damage. […]

How China’s Record Rain and the Mistakes of Authorities Caused Drownings

ZHENGZHOU, China – The heaviest hour of precipitation ever reliably recorded in China fell like a meteorite. mile wide waterfall At least 300 people died, including 14 who drowned in a subway tunnel in the city of Zhengzhou on July 20. Afterwards, regional and national officials initially suggested that little could be done in the […]

Lack of Power Prevents Evaluation of Toxic Pollution Caused by IDA

“But every time a storm hits, the dice are thrown and there is the potential for some kind of release or explosion that could harm them and their families,” he said. “They have to worry about a double disaster.” Facilities are not currently required to have backup power, and emergency responders are often not given […]

A Carbon Calculation: How Many Deaths Are Emissions Caused?

In his article, Mr. Bressler incorporated the latest public health research into the latest version of the DICE model, which estimates the number of extreme deaths attributable to rising temperatures. The resulting extended model produced a surprisingly high figure for the social cost of carbon: $258 per metric ton. He coined a term for the […]