Lab-grown hair cells to treat baldness may be on the way

A major breakthrough came in the early 2000s when Japanese researchers found a simple formula to transform any tissue into powerful stem cells similar to those in an embryo. His imagination went wild. Scientists realized that they could generate unlimited resources from almost any type of cell, such as nerves or heart muscle. In practice, […]

Barcode Stamping into Cells to Solve Medical Mysteries

No one really knew why some patients with a white blood cell cancer called chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL, relapsed after treatment and developed a second cancer. Were some cancer cells resistant? An unexpected answer to this mystery has been found using a new technique the researchers call barcoding: Treatment doesn’t always target the right […]

How Glial Cells Quietly Revolutionize Chronic Pain Study and

November 9, 2021 Chronic pain is one of the world’s most costly medical problems and one out of every five people, and one of the most mysterious. However, over the past two decades, discoveries about the important role played by glia, a set of nervous system cells once thought to be only support for neurons, […]

Henrietta Lacks Taken Without Her Consent Cells

In 1951, Henrietta Lacks, a black mother of five who was dying of cervical cancer, Went to Johns Hopkins Hospital In Baltimore for treatment. Doctors, without their knowledge or consent, removed a sample of cells from the tumor in the cervix. They gave the sample to a researcher at Johns Hopkins University who was trying […]

Edmond H. Fischer, Nobelist for Key Discovery in Cells, Dies at 101

Edmond H. Fischer, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who helped discover a fundamental regulatory mechanism in cells and paved the way for the development of drugs for cancer, diabetes and other diseases, died in Seattle on August 27. He was 101 years old. Dr. The Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings in Germany, where Fischer is a frequent […]