This is the first image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

The image was made possible by linking eight existing radio observatories around the world to create a single “Earth-size” virtual telescope that collects hours of data over multiple nights. This new image may look very similar to the 2019 image of M87*, but the masses of the two black holes and the types of galaxies […]

Covid is at the center of the lab leak controversy. now he

Some in the West agree. “I’m pretty annoyed that people are making such extremely serious claims,” ​​said Nancy Connell, a microbiologist and member of the NIH National Biosafety Science Advisory Board, while at the Johns Hopkins Center in February last year. Health Safety. “Extremely irresponsible.” But while the lab leak theory is partly supported by […]

Google will work with Ford at Detroit research center

DETROIT (AP) – Ford Motor Co. announced on Friday Google He joins the automaker’s efforts to transform the once-ruined Detroit train station into a research center focused on electric and self-driving vehicles. Also, Detroit and the state of Michigan agreed to provide infrastructure and other support for the Michigan Central Innovation District, which will include […]

How Conflict Arose from an Uncertain Game Became a Social Center

In 2015, Jason Citron, a computer programmer, was struggling to make a breakthrough in the video game industry. The new multiplayer game he created with development studio Hammer & Chisel hasn’t gotten much attention. So Mr. Citron took a sudden turn. He fired his company’s game developers, made the game’s chat feature its only product, […]

In the experience economy, experience systems take center stage.

In a now-famous 1998 article Harvard Business Review, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore introduced the business world to the concept of the experience economy. The theory looked like this: businesses had passed through various economic stages (agriculture, industry, and service) in which the nature of what was sold continued to evolve. For […]

A Park in the Center of a Park in Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy

Ms. Ortiz, co-chairman of a community board task force, remembers families lobbying for benches and tables where seniors could play cards and petitioning for outdoor movie screenings. “People from the neighborhood wanted to see themselves in this process,” he told me. “Over time, we felt we were heard.” After all, that is the purpose of […]

Why Is Putting Its Name On The Staples Center?

At that time, during the slump in cryptocurrency prices, Mr. Marszalek decided to rebrand Monaco. She contacted Matt Blaze, who was then a professor of cryptography at the University of Pennsylvania and has owned the domain name for 25 years. During this time, Mr. Blaze refused to share his web address and overtly despised […]

Netflix Surveillance New Jersey Army Base for Massive Production Center

Netflix wants to transform a crumbling Army base in New Jersey into one of the largest film and television production centers in the Northeast, a plan that has at least one major backer: Governor Phil Murphy. Tuesday, Netflix He said he would bid for a 289-acre piece of land. Monmouth Castle, about 50 miles south […]

What if your prescription drug becomes the center of covid?

Friedman says she had to change the way she spoke to patients when she had to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. “Now I’ve worked out my script: ‘Hey, I want to get you started on this drug. You may have heard that it is related to Covid, used for therapeutic purposes, and it is not.” “There is a […]