Transforming the automotive supply chain for the 21st century

For the JIT model to work, the quality and supply of raw materials, the production of goods, and customer demand for them must all remain in harmony. If any of the links in the chain break, stall, or go out of sync, the impact on supply chains that cross the world can be felt immediately. […]

Why Is New York Revealing a Buried Creek a Century Ago?

Stating that the restored waterways function as a kind of “natural infrastructure” in cities, Hoffner said that they provide benefits such as reducing sewer overflows, saving energy and money in wastewater plants that treat clean water unnecessarily, creating more green space and creating more green space. neighborhoods. “Building for today’s storm isn’t really going to […]

Cities of the 21st century: the urban transformation of Asia Pacific

At the center of this transformation lies the rapid urbanization of the region. Between 1970 and 2017, Asia’s emerging economies outpaced the rest of the world in both population growth and growth rate. urban population is increasing 3.4% per year compared to 2.6% in the rest of the developing world and 1% in advanced economies. […]

Space politics finally moves into the 21st century

There had never been more events in space than today. There is commercial activity Exploded In the past five years, private space companies have launched rockets, placed satellites in orbit, and bid on missions to the moon. But some experts worry that this mobility goes far beyond international agreements that determine who can do what […]

How has the world prevented much worse warming this century?

But the virtues of the treaty, ultimately ratified by each country, are more pervasive than its impact on the ozone hole. Many of these chemicals are also potent greenhouse gases. So, as an important side benefit, their reductions over the last three decades have already facilitated warming and may reduce it as much as possible. […]