Pandemic accelerated digitization of the automotive supply chain

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Read this talk with Matthias Haberstroh, director of supply chain management at ZF Group, where he discusses the impact of the pandemic on the digitization of the automotive supply chain and how it will define the future of the industry. click here […]

Transforming the automotive supply chain for the 21st century

For the JIT model to work, the quality and supply of raw materials, the production of goods, and customer demand for them must all remain in harmony. If any of the links in the chain break, stall, or go out of sync, the impact on supply chains that cross the world can be felt immediately. […]

Biden to announce 3D printing initiative to strengthen US supply chain

President Biden will announce on Friday a new initiative to boost 3D printing technology that will make US companies less dependent on the global supply chain and increase investment in small and medium businesses. The startup, called Additive Manufacturing Forward, will pair major manufacturers with US-based sourcing companies to use 3D printing technology to produce […]

AI helps treat healthcare like a supply chain issue

Please consider to support MIT Technology Review journalism subscribe to. FIND monitors whether the tool’s recommendations are working and are being implemented. “This should be something that countries can have themselves,” Albert says. “One important thing is to put the power of data in the hands of people. [who] He has to make decisions.” Catching […]

Supply Chain Issues, Buying a Car Sometimes Means Getting on a Plane

When Rachael Kasper started shopping for a new car in August, she had her heart set on a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid. The problem was that Ford didn’t do most of them this year for the following reasons. computer chip shortage it slowed down worldwide automobile production. Miss Kasper was vacant, first in her hometown […]

Biden’s plan to lighten the supply chain pile will take years, not months

Thousands of new cars are piling up in manufacturers’ lots, the prices of electric toothbrushes have risen, coffee makers have disappeared from store shelves, and Apple has drastically reduced iPhone production. The global computer chip shortage shows no signs of waning towards 2022, and the Biden administration’s proposed solution is years away. President Biden and […]

How can AI solve supply chain shortfalls and save Christmas?

Covid-19 shed light on many networks of the world, Internet to international air travel. But supply chains around the world—ships, trucks, and trains that connect factories to ports and warehouses, bringing nearly everything we buy thousands of miles from where it’s produced to where it’s consumed—are facing more scrutiny than ever before. “Whatever you’re selling, […]