How can digitizing supply chains increase circular economies?

How can digitizing supply chains increase circular economies? Digital innovation and the circular economy are kind of symbiotic in nature. In times of increased internet usage, it’s hard to imagine any circular economy initiative not powered by technology. While there are several ways that digitalization can positively impact the circular economy, here are the top […]

Contactless supply chains for smarter, responsive and faster

Enabling a contactless supply chain involves more than increased automation. Organizations need to re-examine the supply chain at internal processes and external touchpoints and find ways to ensure speed and accuracy. This article discusses strategies for managing contactless supply chains. click here continue. Source link

Major Hospital Chains Remove Vaccination Instructions for Healthcare Professionals

But the legal situation is confusing at best, with states and local governments often opposing federal efforts. In Florida, where AdventHealth, HCA, and UF Health Jacksonville are suspending their requirements, Governor Ron DeSantis prohibited vaccination requirements by private employers shortly after the federal government published its rule for healthcare workers. It’s also unclear exactly how […]

Corporate Climate Commitments Often Overlook a Key Component: Supply Chains

For nearly 30 years, pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers Squibb has announced that it has set and achieved ambitious targets for energy and greenhouse gas emissions. These days, these goals include being “carbon neutral” by 2040. Equipment maker Caterpillar, Texas Instruments, Exxon Mobil, and The Walt Disney Company have made similar claims about the sustainability of […]