Tesla’s Profits Jumped in First Quarter, But Challenges Appear

Tesla said Wednesday it posted a $3.3 billion profit in the first three months of the year, up from $438 million a year earlier and the company’s biggest quarterly profit since its founding. However, the company also said it expects its factories to operate below capacity for the remainder of 2022. The electric car maker […]

Applying laser technology to solve humanity’s challenges

Directed energy is “the ability to create a high amount of energy in a controlled volume at a given distance in order to trigger physical reactions to study the interaction between the energy and the matter,” says Dr. Chaouki Kasmi, who is the Chief Researcher at DERC, which is part of the Abu Dhabi government’s […]

Unity Roads Vote In Alabama On Amazon, Challenges Pending

The National Labor Relations Board said on Thursday that union supporters narrowly followed the opposition in union elections held at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama. However, the vote was much closer than the vote in the same warehouse last year. voted down unity is more than a 2 to 1 ratio. The union received 993 […]

Tennessee Valley Authority Challenges Biden’s Clean Energy Goals

WASHINGTON — Despite President Biden’s commitment to rapidly move away from fossil fuels and remove greenhouse gases from the energy sector in little more than a decade, the nation’s largest federal utility plans to invest more than $3.5 billion in new gas-fired power plants. The Tennessee Valley Authority, which provides electricity to nearly 10 million […]

Twitter’s Mixed Fourth Quarter Earnings Show Challenges Ahead

Last year, Twitter executives set ambitious goals for their companies in hopes of attracting more than 100 million new users and doubling revenue by 2023. But the last three months of 2021 showed the challenges the company had to overcome in order to achieve its goals. . Twitter said on Thursday that its revenue grew […]

New front ‘investigation’ in GOP election poses challenges

HARRISBURG, PA (AP) — Governor Tom Wolf’s administration and a voting system maker are trying to prevent Republican lawmakers from expanding the “judicial investigation” of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania to a new front: auditing the voting machines. Another step taken by the former President Donald Trumpbaseless allegations of election fraud. Lawyers for Wolf’s top […]

Hesitation, Indifference, and Unused Doses: Zambia’s Vaccination Challenges

NGWERERE, Zambia – Last morning, four people arrived at a health clinic trapped between commercial corn farms in search of Covid-19 vaccines. Staff had bottles of Johnson & Johnson vaccine stored in the refrigerator. But staff members apologized, refusing to vaccinate the four of them and suggesting they try another day. One vial of the […]

Could Hydrogen Save Aviation’s Fuel Challenges? It Has A Way To Go.

There are some things electric power can’t do, like lifting the 787. But that doesn’t mean big jets can’t be green, or at least greener. A few fuel refineries and airlines are experimenting with Sustainable Aviation Fuels, known as SAFs. Burning just like common “Jet A” fuel, these fuels can be obtained from waste such […]

19 Weeks Premature Baby Challenges Long Odds and Confuses Doctors

Michelle Butler was 21 weeks pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, when she felt the contractions. Butler prayed for them to stop as her sister took her to the hospital. But the contractions continued and around 1:00 pm on July 5, 2020, babies C’Asya Zy-Nell and Curtis Zy-Keith Means were born. Babies weighing […]

Greece Challenges Green Energy Transition to Combat Climate Change

NAXOS, Greece — A modest stone building high above the Aegean Sea on the windswept west end of one of Greece’s largest islands has become an unlikely outpost in this country’s fight against climate change. Inside is a new power station camouflaged, connected to a 180-mile submarine power cable. connects Naxos in a chain of […]