Chaos in Ukraine spreads Russia’s fear of cyber war with US

Government websites that went dark in Ukraine on Wednesday spread fears that an escalating conflict with Russia in cyberspace is headed for America, a cyberwar that experts say is already underway and the United States is unprepared for. Experts say the Biden administration’s imposition of new sanctions over Russia’s military advance in Ukraine could give […]

Fears that cyber chaos will trigger wars are growing as hack attacks increase.

America’s nightmare under cyberattack is coming true now, and it won’t stop anytime soon. Both xenophobes and criminal gangsters are beating every aspect of society, from hospitals to schools to government offices. In December alone, a ransomware attack on human resources software disrupted the operations of some hospitals operated by Ascension Healthcare, New York City’s […]

AWS Outage Causes Chaos for Amazon Warehouse Staff

SEATTLE — Amazon warehouses across the country stopped working Tuesday as disruptions to the company’s cloud computing system removed the technology that powers the company’s logistics operations. The outage came during peak holiday season, and Amazon is already more complex and expensive logistics during the labor shortage. Usually, Amazon’s share of online sales practically increases […]

In Alaska, Salmon Hunting Hints at Climate Change Chaos

This summer, fishermen set records in the world’s largest wild salmon habitat 65 million sockeye salmon From Alaska’s Bristol Bay, beating the 2018 record with more than three million fish. However, about 500 miles to the north, salmon in the Yukon River was alarmingly absent. This summer’s run of friends was the lowest on record […]

Climate Chaos Can Be Prevented. Here’s How.

You may have read some dismal headlines this week: On Tuesday, enough ice melted in Greenland to cover Florida with two inches of water, fires engulf northern California and parts of the Mediterranean, and Europe still under water. In today’s newsletter, we give you the chance to learn more about your role in the climate […]

Cauliflower and Chaos, Fractals in Every Flower

Monks once hoped to turn lead into gold through alchemy. But consider cauliflower instead. Just two genes are all it takes to transform the ordinary stems, stems, and flowers of the herbaceous, tasteless Brassica oleracea strain into such a wondrous creation as this fractal, cloudy vegetable. This is real alchemy, says Christophe Godin, senior researcher […]