These fast, cheap tests could help us coexist with covid

In comparison, rapid antigen tests are quicker and easier to administer. Rather than looking for nucleic acid, they detect the presence of viral proteins called antigens that are present on the surface of the virus. Such tests, which can be done at home, deliver results quickly, but they tend to be less accurate than PCR […]

This $1.5 billion initiative has promised to make clean fuels as cheap as possible.

Period According to Prometheus’ investor materials, the process is divided into four main stages. In step one, industrial fans draw air and blow it into a mixture of water and other compounds, which McGinnis says may contain sodium carbonate. This then readily reacts with carbon dioxide molecules in the air, shifting most of the carbonate […]

Video: How cheap renewables and increased activism are changing the climate

If the measures are passed with anything close to their current form, it will mark the first major climate laws in the country. Most notably, it includes the Clean Electric Performance Program (read our previous comment), which uses payments and penalties to encourage utilities to increase their share of electricity from carbon-free sources. Here). Other […]

Porgy: Sustainable, Cheap and Delicious on the Grill

The cheapest wine on the list is usually worth ordering. Similarly, bright-eyed, silver-skinned porgies, which are often among the cheapest options at the fish counter, deserve more attention than they get. In addition to their low price, good flavor, and juicy texture, porgies abundant and sustainable, a rare occurrence in these days of overfishing. “As […]