Hubble Telescope Checks Out The Farthest Planets

Typically, these storms arise in mid-latitudes and drift towards the planet’s equator, where they weaken and then break apart. In 2018, Hubble detected a massive dark spot drifting south toward the equatorial “death zone” in Neptune’s northern hemisphere. But two years later, to the surprise of astronomers and computer simulations, the storm had reversed course […]

No More Anonymity? Age Checks Are Coming to the Web.

Richard Errington clicked last month to post a sci-fi movie from his home in England, where YouTube made a postcard of him. The site said that Mr. Errington, over 50, had to prove that he was old enough to watch the 1974 movie “Space Is the Place” starring jazz musician Sun Ra. It had three […]

China Plans Security Checks for Technology Companies Listed Abroad

China on Saturday moved towards requiring domestic tech companies to undergo a cybersecurity check before going public on overseas exchanges; It was a step to close the regulatory loophole that allowed ride-hailing giant Didi to list its shares on Wall Street last week. Receiving a clean digital health bill from Beijing. On July 2, two […]