Asteroid Samples Could ‘Rewrite Solar System’s Chemistry’

One-fifth of an ounce of black spot brought to Earth from an asteroid by a Japanese spacecraft is some of the most pristine parts of a baby solar system ever studied, scientists said on Thursday. This fact should help planetary scientists improve their knowledge of the components in the disk of dust and gas that […]

Robert H. Grubbs, 79, Died; Invention in Chemistry Leads to Nobel

Enrolling at the University of Florida, he majored in agrochemistry, combining his interest in science developed in middle school with his childhood passion for farming. One summer, while working at an animal nutrition lab analyzing moth excrement, he was invited by a friend to work at an organic chemistry lab run by a new college […]

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for Molecule Forming Tool

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded Wednesday to Benjamin List and David WC MacMillan for their development of a new tool for building molecules, advances in pharmaceutical research and reducing the environmental impact of chemistry. While his work is not seen by consumers, it is an essential piece in many leading industries and is […]

Nobel in chemistry honors ‘greener’ way of building molecules

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Two scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for finding an “ingenious” and environmentally cleaner way to create molecules that can be used to make everything from drugs to food sweeteners. The work of Benjamin List of Germany and Scottish-born David WC MacMillan has allowed scientists to manufacture these molecules more […]