How Many Languages ​​Can a Child Speak?

If a newborn child grows up hearing people speaking many different languages, will he be able to speak all those languages ​​later on? – Puneesh T., India Children learn languages ​​from the people around them. If exposed to more than one language, they may grow up to be bilingual or multilingual. Such environments are not […]

Algorithm that screens for child neglect raises concerns

Inside a cavernous stone fortress in downtown Pittsburgh, attorney Robin Frank defends parents at one of their lowest points – when they risk losing their children. The job is never easy, but in the past she knew what she was up against when squaring off against child protective services in family court. Now, she worries […]

The US now hosts more child sexual abuse material online than in any other country

Please consider to support MIT Technology Review journalism subscribe to. Aside from the “bad press,” Lloyd Richardson, technology director for the Canadian Center for Child Protection, says there isn’t much punishment for platforms that fail to remove CSAM quickly. “I think you’re going to have a hard time finding a country that fines an electronic […]

Governor Abbott Forces Treatments for Trans Youth to ‘Research as a Child’

Adm., the assistant secretary of health for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Biden administration’s top pediatrician. “Gender-affirming care for the trans youth is crucial and can be lifesaving,” Rachel Levine said in an emailed statement. “Our nation’s leading pediatricians support evidence-based, gender-affirming care for transgender youth.” A growing number of transgender […]

Congress resurrects tech coercion law aimed at eliminating child

Congress is pushing for a bill to crack down on technology on online child sexual exploitation by targeting legal liability protections. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and co-sponsor of the law, the Win Act removes the protections provided through Section 230 of the Communications Ethics Act for platforms that have child […]

One Laptop Per Child cannot bridge the digital divide

These individualistic narratives always soften social support, an important but not always recognized component of learning. Ideally, this includes a stable home environment without shelter or food insecurity; a safe community with good infrastructure; and caring, talented, well-resourced teachers. As Covid-19 shut down schools around the world throughout 2020 and in many areas through 2021, […]

Apple Delays Delivery of Child Safety Features

Apple said Friday it will delay the rollout of child safety measures that would allow users to scan their iPhones to detect images of child sexual abuse. criticism from privacy groups The company announced in early August that iPhones will begin using sophisticated technology to detect images of child sexual abuse, commonly known as child […]

Apple delays plan to scan iPhones for child sexual abuse images

LONDON (AP) — Apple said Friday it is delaying its plan to scan US iPhones for child sexual abuse images and needs more time to improve the system before it’s released. The company announced last month that it was working on a tool that would work by scanning files before uploading them to iCloud to […]

Are Apple’s Child Abuse Tools Bad for Your Privacy?

Law enforcement, child safety groups, abuse survivors, and some computer scientists praised the moves. The head of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children described it as a “game changer” in statements provided by Apple, while David Forsyth, head of computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, said technology will catch up […]

Apple says researchers can examine child safety features. is suing

Apple may submit the code for review – but that’s not something it says it will do. Researchers can also try to reverse engineer the feature in a “static” way, that is, without executing actual programs in a live environment. But realistically, all of these options have at least one major problem in common: They […]