How to Digitize Childhood Memories Imprisoned in Film?

Photography has started to go digital about 30 years ago, so if you’re older than that, your relatives probably documented some of your childhood in film-based formats like slides or prints made from negatives. Or you have piles of old slides and negatives from long lost pictures in the attic or garage. although not as […]

CDC Issues Warning on Cluster of Childhood Hepatitis Cases

A string of severe cases of hepatitis in children in Alabama prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue a report. nationwide health warning On Wednesday, he urged doctors and health officials to watch out for and report similar cases. Authorities are investigating the possibility that an adenovirus, one of a group of […]

Routine Childhood Vaccines Disappear During Pandemic in the US

Kindergartens in the United States lagged behind routine childhood immunizations during the pandemic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on ThursdayA slideshow by experts linking to groundbreaking resistance to the Covid-19 shots spreading to skipped checks and unease about other vaccines. About 94 percent of kindergarten students in the 2020-21 school year had the […]

6 Childhood Habits That Benefit Our Family

I am asked what advice I would give to other mothers or those entering their first motherhood season. Honestly, it’s a very difficult question to answer because every family is different and has a unique situation. But what I’ve come back to again and again is the idea of ​​habits—building habits for your family that […]