India’s delivery apps and covid vaccines for young children

N. Sudhakar sits behind the counter of his hole-in-the-wall grocery store in Bangalore, southern India, from 7 am to dusk, seven days a week. Filled with everything from 20-kilogram bags of rice to one-rupee ($0.01) shampoo bags, this floor-to-ceiling one-stop shop fills most of the daily needs of many in the neighborhood. A carbon copy […]

A Better Way to Measure Immunity in Children

Next week can’t come early enough for Jacqueline Almeida. He watched his friends roll their eyes when he wanted to meet outside. He tries to persuade his sister to vaccinate his son, but fails. On Twitter, strangers told her that putting her daughter in a mask was tantamount to child abuse. Yet vaccines for the […]

Unexplained Hepatitis Isn’t More Common in US Children than It Used to be

Unexplained hepatitis doesn’t seem to be any more common among American children than it was before the Covid-19 outbreak began. according to a recent review Three major medical databases by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Results are part of an ongoing investigation into a surprising set of cases Severe hepatitis or […]

Can Virtual Reality Help Autistic Children Navigate the Real World?

This article is part of Upstart, a series about startups leveraging new science and technology. Vijay Ravindran has always been fascinated by technology. He led the team that founded and launched Amazon Prime at Amazon. He later joined the Washington Post as a digital chief, where he advised Donald E. Graham on the sale of […]

FDA Says Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective in Children Under 5

The Food and Drug Administration said on Sunday that three doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine appear to be effective in preventing Covid disease in children under the age of 5, given the level of virus-blocking antibodies the vaccines cause. Agency’s assessment It was posted online ahead of Wednesday’s meeting of vaccine experts called to […]

Children at risk – The New York Times

DAVOS, Switzerland — I am writing to you as a parent today. A frightened American parent. When children are killed in their school, I try to keep my fear away from where I am. As much as he can’t. And this week, someone at the World Economic Forum compelled me to tie the safety of […]

Moderna Vaccine Promotes Strong Immune Response in Children 6-11 Years Old

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine elicits a strong immune response in children aged 6 to 11Researchers reported Wednesday — another signpost on what’s become a long and winding road to protecting young children against the virus, even as cases rise again. On Monday, Moderna sought approval from the Food and Drug Administration for the vaccine to be […]

CDC Investigates 109 Cases of Hepatitis, Including Children

The death of five children and an unusual group of more than 100 cases of hepatitis in young children in the United States are under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency said on Friday. The CDC said it was examining cases involving 109 children in 25 states and territories with […]

Study Findings Change Their Minds 5 Years Later, Several Transgender Children

Young children who transition to a new gender along with social changes — taking on new names, pronouns, haircuts and clothes — will likely continue to define that gender five years later, according to one study. report The first study of its kind was published Wednesday. The data comes from the Transgender Youth Project, a […]