Why is China still obsessed with disinfecting everything?

Scientists say that as China grapples with its biggest-ever increase in covid cases, the government’s decision to continue to challenge the government’s narrative that surfaces pose a significant risk of infection means time and money are being poured into the wrong things during a crisis. Measures to stop airborne transmission they are much more effective. […]

China accelerating destruction of global order in power grab, US Pacific

China’s ruling Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army are upending the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the US admiral in charge of Pacific forces said in a House session on Tuesday. In his detailed written statement, Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command, Aquilino, discussed China’s strategic and military ambitions to rapidly […]

Elon Musk’s China ties add potential risks to Twitter acquisition

BEIJING — Elon Musk’s ties to China, in his role as the largest shareholder in electric car brand Tesla, could complicate his bid to buy Twitter. Other companies seeking to enter China are bowing to pressure to follow Beijing’s stance on Taiwan and other issues. But Twitter is shut down by internet barriers that prevent […]

Solar Industry ‘Frozen’ As Biden Administration Investigates China

Plans to install 60 square miles of solar panels in Vermont were abruptly put on hold. A solar farm to power hundreds of homes in Maine has been partially built but may not be complete. And a project that will power more than 10,000 homes in Texas is weeks away from breaking ground, but has […]

Musk’s ties to China could be a headache on Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO — When Elon Musk opened a Tesla factory in Shanghai in 2019, the Chinese government welcomed him with billions of dollars’ worth of cheap land, loans, tax breaks and subsidies. “I really think the future is China,” Mr. Musk cheered. Since then, Tesla’s path has been lucrative, with a quarter of the company’s […]

Russian pilot spotted in jet trainer crash in China

According to US and Chinese social media reports, online video showing a Chinese jet crashing over the weekend reveals that the Chinese air force is receiving flight training from Russian instructors. Russian military assistance was demonstrated after a two-seat JL-10 supersonic jet trainer crashed on Saturday. Local residents recorded the crash scene and the pilots […]

Republicans pressure Biden over China deal for British chip factory

A special congressional task force aimed at countering threats from China is urging the Biden administration to block a proposal to sell Britain’s largest microchip factory to a Chinese company. A company that US lawmakers say has close ties to the ruling Communist Party in Beijing. The Republic-led China Task Force warned in a letter […]

China doubled its coal

3. Nobody likes power cuts, especially authoritarian governments. Many Chinese provinces suffered critical electricity shortages last fall. Factories fell silent in an instant. High-rise office buildings had to be evacuated without stopping the elevators. Chemical plants have lost their power and with it their ability to control heat and pressure in potentially dangerous processes. In […]

Solomon Islands Leader Calls for Concern over China Security Deal

MELBOURNE, Australia — In a heated speech confirming that the Solomon Islands had drafted a security agreement with ChinaThe island nation’s leader said on Tuesday he was “ready to sign” the deal, criticizing it as “humiliating” concerns by Australia and New Zealand that the deal could destabilize the region’s security. It was Prime Minister Manasseh […]

China competition bill to advance to final negotiations

this Senate By advancing a long-delayed bill to encourage the US production of microprocessor chips to better compete with China, it is poised to push the law forward and embark on a tough round of negotiations with China. House. President Biden has pressured Congress to quickly pass comprehensive legislation, but there are key differences between […]