Extreme Weather Hits China with Massive Floods and Scorching Heat

HONG KONG — China is grappling with extreme weather emergencies across the country, with the worst flooding in decades flooding homes and cars in the south, while record high heatwaves in the northern and central provinces are causing roads to collapse. Water levels in more than a hundred rivers across the country have risen above […]

Left-leaning think tank makes new efforts to counter China online

Left-leaning think tank Third Way is launching a new initiative to counter China online, emphasizing that “digital democracy” must triumph over “digital autocracy.” Valerie Shen, vice president of the Third Way national security program, said on Tuesday that China thinks American democracy is too messy to win online digital competition. But the United States could […]

China wants to censor all social media comments

For new changes Provisions Regarding the Administration of Internet Post Comment Servicesa regulation that came into force for the first time in 2017. Five years later, the Cyberspace Administration wants to update it. “The proposed revisions first update the current version of the ‘review rules’ to align with the language and policies of more recent […]

Democrats fear Biden’s waiver of solar tariffs is a boon for China

A group of Congressional Democrats has warned that President Biden is using his emergency powers to reward China for potentially violating US trade law, and that his actions could harm American production. They support a Commerce Department investigation into whether China is circumventing US solar tariffs via other Asian countries. But other Democrats and solar […]

Democratic crack emerged over Biden administration’s China investigation

A split among Democrats has emerged over the Biden administration’s investigation into whether China is breaking US tariffs on solar panels, which critics say are crippling the clean energy industry. The Department of Commerce is determining if the xenophobe is funneling critical solar panel components through neighboring countries to illegally bypass U.S. taxes. However, a […]

Digital Issues Between USA and China

As the world’s two superpowers move further away from each other, internet environments in the US and China are increasingly separate digital worlds. US internet companies have mostly failed in China, and with notable exceptions, apps from China haven’t made it outside their home country. Digital life in each country is largely walled off from […]

Airbnb Closes Business in China and Removes 150,000 Listings

Airbnb, a home rental company, is planning to close its local business in China as another sign of internet separation between China and the rest of the world. One person familiar with the situation said Airbnb, which has been operating in China since 2016, withdrew from the country after struggling to compete with local “super […]

Why is China still obsessed with disinfecting everything?

Scientists say that as China grapples with its biggest-ever increase in covid cases, the government’s decision to continue to challenge the government’s narrative that surfaces pose a significant risk of infection means time and money are being poured into the wrong things during a crisis. Measures to stop airborne transmission they are much more effective. […]

China accelerating destruction of global order in power grab, US Pacific

China’s ruling Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army are upending the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the US admiral in charge of Pacific forces said in a House session on Tuesday. In his detailed written statement, Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command, Aquilino, discussed China’s strategic and military ambitions to rapidly […]

Elon Musk’s China ties add potential risks to Twitter acquisition

BEIJING — Elon Musk’s ties to China, in his role as the largest shareholder in electric car brand Tesla, could complicate his bid to buy Twitter. Other companies seeking to enter China are bowing to pressure to follow Beijing’s stance on Taiwan and other issues. But Twitter is shut down by internet barriers that prevent […]