Inside the Ring: Report details of massive Chinese IP theft

NEWS AND ANALYSIS: Cybersecurity detectives recently uncovered a massive Chinese government-linked hacking operation that included billions of dollars of stolen intellectual property and other data designed to support further cyberespionage from the US and foreign companies. cyber security firm cyber seasons disclosed the details of the sophisticated Chinese hacking group, which he labeled “winntIn a […]

India seizes $725 million from Chinese company Xiaomi

NEW DELHI (AP) – Indian authorities seized $725 million from Chinese smartphone company on Saturday xiaomiAuthorities accused him of violating the country’s foreign exchange laws by making illegal remittances abroad. The Executive Directorate, India’s financial investigative agency, tweeted on Twitter that it had confiscated the amount. xiaomilocal unit. The move comes after an investigation by […]

Chinese regulator says 14,684 Tesla has been recalled due to collision risk

BEIJING (AP) — Tesla has recalled 14,684 Model 3s in its second recall in the country this month, due to a software glitch that could cause crashes, China’s market regulator said on Friday. The State Administration of Market Regulation said the recall affected both imported vehicles and vehicles manufactured in China. The recalled cars said […]

Chinese NFT platforms no longer want you to trade NFTs

However, there has always been a sense of uncertainty in the industry: As with all young tech creations that don’t conform to traditional regulatory frameworks, the countdown to when the Chinese government will step in has started early. Since 2017, China has taken a stand against crypto like no other in the world. Chinese financial […]

The creator of CRISPR Babies has been released from a Chinese

His team, from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, used the versatile genetic engineering tool CRISPR to modify the girls’ DNA to be resistant to HIV infection. It is unclear whether he plans to return to scientific research in China or elsewhere. Those who knew him described the Rice University and Stanford-trained […]

Chinese companies helping Russia could be closed, trade

On Tuesday, commerce minister Gina Raimondo issued a stern warning to Chinese companies that may oppose US export restrictions to Russia, saying the US will cut off the American equipment and software they need to make their products. In an interview with The New York Times, Raimondo said the Biden administration could “basically shut down” […]

Chinese Company Dismissed as Operator of Cobalt Mine in Congo

A court in the Democratic Republic of Congo has betrayed the Chinese owner of one of the world’s largest copper and cobalt mines; this is a big victory for the government of Congo, which is trying to become a bigger player in the global clean energy revolution. The decision, which dismissed the mine’s Chinese leadership […]

Why Is The Chinese Internet Encouraging Russia’s Invasion?

They said that the friendship of countries has no borders. Given that the leaders met a few weeks before the invasion, it is understandable to conclude that China should have known better about the Kremlin’s plans. But growing evidence suggests that the echo chamber of China’s foreign policy establishment may have misled not only the […]

Am I still Chinese enough?

The niceties of the American suburbs that I missed while living in Taiwan were no longer important. I didn’t care if the houses around me had beautiful pruned green lawns and beautiful gardens. The endless queues reminded me of the boring and repetitive days I lived here: go to school, do homework, study piano and […]

Chinese telecom company Hytera accused of stealing Motorola radio

A federal grand jury in Chicago indicted Chinese telecommunications firm Hytera Communications Ltd. for the conspiracy in a plan to steal Motorola The Department of Justice revealed its radio secrets on Monday. hytera He has been associated with Chinese police and intelligence services by US intelligence and is accused of theft of trade secrets. Motorola‘s […]