New York City pension funds sued Activision over financial records.

Five New York City employee retirement groups that hold shares in embattled video game maker Activision Blizzard are suing Activision, saying the company failed to turn over financial records as the groups tried to investigate whether Activision had secured a fair price in its planned sale. to Microsoft. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware state court, […]

City Life with Less Water

So is Santiago, where I was returning from a tip-off trip in southern Chile two weeks ago. It’s autumn there. The days are cool and the leaves are changing colour. Santiago governor Claudio Orrego said water demand is low at this time of year. But Santiago is in trouble. Temperatures will rise by November, and […]

A Smart City Built on Data Takes Shape in Busan

The air filtration system is among 15 products Samsung provides in every home – including AirDresser, a closet that can dry, steam and sterilize clothes – all of which can be controlled using the SmartThings app. But there are also smaller businesses in a country known for its electronics companies. Unmanned Solution, a 35-employee company […]

A California City Is Overrun by Crows. Could a Laser Be the Answer?

Downtown Sunnyvale, California, has been bustling since the coronavirus pandemic began. More than a thousand visitors spent a night in town almost every evening for almost two years. But they don’t come for ramen or beer at the gastro pub. They eat whatever they find outside. Then they poop all over the sidewalks. Unwelcome guests […]

Climate change is sinking Mexico City

INFILTRATION The city built public spaces such as the Parque Bicentenario with volcanic soil. Its porous soil diverts precipitation into the aquifer, causes flooding, reduces subsidence, prevents damage to infrastructure and replenishes the drinking water supply. Source link

How New York City Can Prepare for the Next Ida Here is the To Do List.

When the remnants of Hurricane Ida reached New York this month, the severity of the storm shocked the city. Despite meteorologists’ warning of heavy rain and flooding, the speed with which the storm turned streets into fast-flowing – and deadly – rivers caught officials and residents off guard. New York has taken steps to prepare […]

Grocery in 10 Minutes: Delivery Start-ups Crowd on City Streets

LONDON – A new entrant sprinting through central London between Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo’s bikes and scooters, promising almost instant gratification as you crave a bar of chocolate or a glass of ice cream: Getir, a Turkish company says 10 will deliver your food in minutes. The speed with which Getir delivers through […]