Elon Musk denies flight attendants sexual harassment claim

Elon Musk describes allegations that he disclosed himself to a flight attendant in 2016 as “totally untrue”. He said this was part of political attacks in retaliation for an attempt to buy Twitter in the fight for freedom of expression. A flight attendant claimed that Mr. Musk exposed himself, rubbed his leg without his consent, […]

Hackers Claim They Are Targeting Russian Institutions

Some of the online fighters have moved away from the tactics used previously in the conflict. In the initial phase of the war, Ukrainian hackers focused on attacks aimed at taking Russian websites offline. Russian hackers targeted Ukrainian government websites in January before the invasion and installed “wipe” malware that permanently wiped data from computer […]

South Korea objects to North’s claim of hypersonic missile test

Seoul, South Korea – South Korea from work North Korea‘s claim that it launched an exaggerated hypersonic missile on Friday said it was a normal ballistic missile that could have been avoided. Evaluation sure to piss off North Korea. South Korea previously avoided public discussion North Korea‘s weapons tests, apparently so as not to aggravate […]

A Popular Test Claim to Increase IVF Success. Science Uncertain.

For patients undergoing IVF treatment, there is a common test to help determine the best time to transfer the embryo for a successful pregnancy. But one of a growing number of expensive “add-ons” for IVF patients, new research has found, has patients and doctors questioning whether the test is effective for first-time patients. The test, […]

Hackers Claim Trump’s Social App Before Launch

Former President Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday evening that he will launch a “media powerhouse”. Its flagship operation will be Truth Social, a Twitter-like social network that will “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” said in a statement. Within two hours, hackers had access to a special version of the social network, […]

Why is Facebook using Ray-Ban to claim our faces?

Facebook’s View app “promises to be a safe space” according to a reviewHowever, uploading data to other Facebook apps via the View app makes it unclear what privacy policies apply and how the content recorded by the glasses can ultimately be used. People who use Ray-Ban Stories may also be subject to additional surveillance. The […]