New Drug Reduces Deaths Among Severe Covid Patients, Manufacturer Claims

Dr. The drug was given so-called fast track status by the Food and Drug Administration in January, Steiner said. The identification aims to enable faster development and review of new treatments that address unmet medical needs and target serious or life-threatening conditions. Updated April 11, 2022 at 4:08 PM ET Dr. Steiner said the company […]

Hackers’ False Claims About Ukraine’s Surrender Are Fooling No One. Like this

WASHINGTON — Sitting in his office last month, Andriy Taranov, a board member of Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne, noticed a strange message running under his television screen. It was stated that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced his surrender. Mr. Taranov was stunned because there was no talk of his surrender among the journalists covering the […]

Four Attorney Generals Sue Google Over Privacy Claims

The District of Columbia and three states sued Google on Monday, alleging that the tech giant cheated consumers into accessing their location data. In separate lawsuits, the DC, Texas, Washington and Indiana attorneys general allege that Google misled users of Android phones and tools like Google Maps and its search engine by continuing to track […]

ERA Test Claims to Increase IVF Success. science

For patients undergoing IVF treatment, there is a common test to help determine the best time to transfer the embryo for a successful pregnancy. But one of a growing number of expensive “add-ons” for IVF patients, new research has found, has patients and doctors questioning whether the test is effective for first-time patients. The test, […]

Ransomware gang claims to have hit National Rifle Association

A ransomware gang suspected of ties to Russia claimed to have attacked the National Rifle Association on Wednesday. Emsisoft threat analyst Brett Callow posted a screenshot on Twitter saying that the ransomware gang Grief was sacrificing the NRA, America’s largest gun rights advocacy group. “Grief claims to have hit the NRA,” said Mr. Callow. excitement. […]

Facebook Will Pay $14M To Resolve Labor Discrimination Claims

WASHINGTON — Facebook on Tuesday agreed to pay up to $14.25 million to settle federal government allegations that the company discriminated against American workers in the final days of the Trump administration. NS The Justice Department sued the company in Decemberarguing that Facebook refuses to “hire, evaluate, or recruit” qualified Americans for thousands of positions. […]

Frances Haugen, Facebook informant, claims the social network feeds

Facebook Security measures designed to curb misinformation and riots were prematurely shut down after Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in last year’s election in a money-making move that a corporate whistleblower claimed contributed to the deadly invasion of the US Capitol on January 6. whistleblower, ex Facebook product manager Frances Haugen, also claimed in an […]

Fighting a wave of misinformation, YouTube bans false vaccine claims

YouTube is erasing vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories from the popular video-sharing platform. The vaccine misinformation ban, announced in a blog post on Wednesday, comes as countries around the world continue to offer free vaccines for COVID-19 to a somewhat hesitant public. Public health officials have struggled to counter a constant stream of online misinformation […]