Stocks float on Wall Street, close to bear market

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks slumped in afternoon trading on Wall Street on Thursday as sustained high inflation continues to weigh on the economy and keeps major indexes in deep slump. The benchmark for many index funds, the S&P 500 is coming out of its biggest drop in nearly two years. It eased an early […]

Uber Close to Partnership Agreement with San Francisco Taxi Outfit

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber’s plan to drive more taxis to its platform over the next few years could soon take another big step. According to four people familiar with the matter and a video presentation by the city’s transportation agency, the company is close to finalizing an agreement with a San Francisco partner, Flywheel Technologies, […]

Amazon plans to close more than 50 of its physical stores.

The company said Wednesday that it has closed more than 50 physical retail stores, including two dozen bookstores and more than 30 Amazon 4-Star stores selling general merchandise. The company’s more than 500 Whole Foods Market stores and two dozen Amazon Fresh grocery stores will remain open. Company spokesperson Betsy Harden said in a statement […]

NASA Says An Asteroid Will Have a Close Brush With Earth. But it is not

The probability of an asteroid the size of the Empire State Building hitting the Earth is very slim. Do not worry. You’ll be dead long before this is even possible. So are your children. Probably all your grandchildren too. There’s a 1 in 1750 chance, NASA scientists said at a press conference Wednesday. asteroid named […]

States and Cities Close to Interim $26 Billion Deal on Opioid Cases

Negotiations stalled for months because of attorney fees. Countless lawyers contributed varying amounts of work and fought over who should get what salary. Now, approximately $1.6 billion will be paid to private attorneys representing thousands of counties and municipalities, $50 million to private attorneys working for states, and approximately $350 million in fees and costs. […]