Responsible adoption of AI in a cloud environment

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. The transformative potential of algorithmic systems, the reach of their impact, combined with the inadequacy of control can pose certain reputational, financial and ethical risks. Responsible AI is required to provide assurance to users and build continued trust in AI-based systems. click […]

Winter Olympics cloud tech sets a different record

From space to screen Most importantly, the Winter Olympics increased the use of cloud technology to broadcast events globally. Traditionally, bringing the Olympics to people’s screens required large news and broadcast crews that had to be flown to the host city, along with expensive international telecommunications optical circuits. But Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) did things […]

The evolution of the cloud from infrastructure to innovation

Anant Adya, Infosys’ EVP and chief cloud, infrastructure and security services, discusses the evolution of cloud from infrastructure to innovation. Adya explains how the cloud has moved from the light-on infrastructure days to the multicloud days performing modern magic. Source link

Seeing is believing: Visibility is key in the cloud era

“I remember the days when everything was hosted in-house and third-party components were installed on our servers, and now it’s completely changed,” Ravindran says. “You have these APIs that work everywhere for every aspect of the solution stack, so it’s getting more and more complex to manage today. Everything is now connected to everything else.” […]

IT strategies for hybrid cloud

“If we consider a large modern enterprise, we might have two, three, four data centers; three, four, five public cloud providers; dozens or even hundreds of edge locations,” Sinclair says. “And we always have data moving everywhere and applications moving.” For example, according to London Stock Exchange Group Nikolay Plaunov, tens of hundreds of data […]

Cloud banking: How to best avoid an IT crash

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Vishal Salvi, Senior Vice President and CISO, Infosys, explains how cloud adoption in banking needs to be rigorously adopted. In his third interview with Bill Mew, digital ethics campaigner and CEO of, Salvi highlights how banks should address complexity and dependencies […]

Embrace digital transformation with engineering cloud for concrete jobs

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Abhishek Goyal, vice president of digital engineering and head of global applications at Infosys, explains the engineering cloud concept and guides us on trends, best practices and solutions in the cloud to transform engineering functions in product businesses. click here continue. Source […]

Accelerate hybrid cloud transformation with next-generation data management

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Data in many organizations is fragmented, insecure, inefficient, and rarely limited to a single cloud. Organizations need unique approaches and modern solutions to simplify data management and extract more value from one of their most valuable assets, their data. click here continue. […]

Five risks of moving your database to the cloud

Moving to the cloud is all the rage. According to IDC Survey Spotlight, Experience with Migrating Databases to the Cloud, 63% of businesses are actively migrating their databases to the cloud, and another 29% are considering doing so in the next three years. This article discusses some of the risks that customers may unwittingly face […]