Fossil Holds Clues to How Some Owls Turned into Day Hunters

In the red muddy soil of Gansu Province in China lies a small owl that has nested for nearly 6 million years, since an era known as the Late Miocene. The fossilized bird has outstretched talons, one of its wings is spread wide, and its sharp beak is pointing back over its shoulder. You can […]

Looking Beyond Disaster for Clues of Contemporary Living

SEOUL — At a time when artists can sell paintings and sculptures for dizzying sums, Jeon Joonho and Moon Kyungwon take a somewhat contrasting approach. “We don’t want to just make art,” Ms. Moon said in an interview at their studio designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito in Seoul’s Seochon district. “We’re trying to listen […]

Newly Discovered Bat Viruses Offer Clues to Covid’s Origins

In the summer of 2020, six months into the coronavirus pandemic, scientists traveled to the forests of northern Laos to catch bats that may harbor close cousins ​​of the pathogen. In the dead of night, they used mist nets and canvas traps to catch animals emerging from nearby caves, collecting saliva, urine, and fecal samples, […]