China doubled its coal

3. Nobody likes power cuts, especially authoritarian governments. Many Chinese provinces suffered critical electricity shortages last fall. Factories fell silent in an instant. High-rise office buildings had to be evacuated without stopping the elevators. Chemical plants have lost their power and with it their ability to control heat and pressure in potentially dangerous processes. In […]

Big Insurers Are Creating A Plan To Cut Coal

This article is part of our latest article DealBook special report about the trends that will shape the coming decades. Insurers have a uniquely powerful role in addressing climate change – and can help identify that role. coal industry‘ its very existence in the next twenty years, if not sooner. Not only are insurers among […]

More than 40 Countries Pledge to End the Use of Coal Power at COP26

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, said it was “a loophole”. “This is one more nail in the charcoal coffin, but only one, and the coffin is not sealed yet,” Ms Morgan added. Underlining the uncertainty of the commitment, Anna Moskwa, Poland’s climate and environment minister, said, said on Twitter On Thursday, the agreement […]

According to the leaked document, 18 countries will phase out coal

According to the British government, which signed the deal at a global climate summit, a coalition of 18 countries as well as dozens of banks and other institutions will pledge to phase out domestic coal-fired power plants and end funding for international coal projects. The burning of coal is the biggest contributor to climate change, […]

South Africa To Get $8.5 Billion To Switch From Coal To Renewable Energy

In global climate talks for years, developing countries have said they need more financial aid from rich countries to accelerate their shift away from fossil fuels. Now the world is about to go through a big test of how this can work in practice. At the Glasgow climate summit on Tuesday, South Africa announced It […]

China Extracts More Coal for Power Needs Despite Climate Change

LINFEN, China — Desperate to meet its electricity needs, China is starting new coal production, which in one year exceeds all of Western Europe’s mines, at an enormous cost to global efforts to combat climate change. The campaign started a stir in the coal country of China. Idle mines start again. Hut-sized yellow backhoes clear […]

Coal Stocks Rising Even As The Planet Warms

These extraordinary stock returns are odd, to say the least. If the world is to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change, the planet’s long-term needs are clear: Burn far less coal and turn it down as quickly as possible. International Energy Agency’s warned All coal-fired power plants must be shut down or equipped […]

China Pledges to Stop Building Coal Plant Abroad: Announced

China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, said on Tuesday that his country stop building Coal-fired power plants offshore are a major shift for the world’s second-largest economy to move away from fossil fuel support. China “will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad,” he said. United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. The news comes amid a […]

A New Coal Mine for Britain Mixes Hopes and Fears

WHITEHAVEN, UK – The UK has been out of the coal business for the last 100 years. The fuel that had turned an island nation into a dark manufacturing giant during the Industrial Revolution has been steadily replaced by oil, natural gas, and in recent years, increasingly by offshore winds and solar radiation. So the […]