Twitter co-founder says no owner is the best but trusts Musk to oversee

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said he regrets the social media platform becoming a corporation, but is confident that Elon Musk’s takeover can fix what’s bothering him. Mr Dorsey said the upcoming sale, which Twitter announced to Mr Musk on Monday, is the first step in retaking ownership of the service from Wall Street and supports […]

Peloton’s co-founder quit his job after a tough journey; 2,800 layoffs

co-founder peloton is stepping down as CEO after a prolonged turmoil at the exercise and treadmill company. Barry McCarthy, who serves as the CFO of Netflix as well as Spotify, will take over as CEO of John Foley, effective Wednesday. McCarthy will also sit on the board of directors. Foley will become chairman of the […]

Snopes Retracts 60 Articles Plagiarized by Co-Founder: ‘Our Staff

Snopes, which has long presented itself as the internet’s leading fact-checking source, withdrew 60 articles after a BuzzFeed News investigation found that the site’s co-founder had plagiarized news sources as part of a strategy aimed at increasing web traffic. “As you can imagine, our staff were frightened and appalled by this situation,” Snopes chief operating […]