FTC Says Weight Watchers App Collects Data From Children

Michael Colosi, Kurbo’s general counsel, said in a statement that the information the company collects is only used to help users improve their eating habits. He added that the company did not violate COPPA and that the agreement was not an admission of misconduct. “The limited information received in the free app experience is designed […]

After the Flood, British Columbia Collects Parts

Collapsed roads and collapsing bridges are just a few of the devastations affecting the residents of the western state and may point to what climate change will bring in the future. 29 November 2021 PRINCETON, British Columbia – With a light drizzle in the air, a young woman wipes her tears as she stands on […]

To curb COVID, Tokyo Olympics collects a lot of saliva

TOKYO (AP) – They’re spitting. They are waiting. They hope. According to the organizers, around 30,000 people from multiple countries spit on small plastic bottles in a daily routine that has become so important at the Olympics to progress through the pandemic-era Games. If you do the math for the two-week duration of the Olympics, […]