Twitter Fines Musk in Non-Disclosure Agreement for Commitment to More Equality

Twitter was fined $150 million on Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice as part of a deal that misled users about how it treated their personal data. Twitter said it collected users’ email addresses and phone numbers to protect their accounts, but that wasn’t enough to say that this information […]

India’s 2070 net zero commitment is achievable, appropriate and timely

Considering the historical record, it accounts for less than 5 percent of India. cumulative carbon dioxide emissions (USA is 20%, more than any other country). “If someone wanted to allocate fair carbon budgets, India would be seen as a real hero,” he says. Rahul Tongiais a senior fellow at the Center for Social and Economic […]

China’s New Climate Commitment Changes Little in Bad Omen for COP26

China formalized the words its leader made last year, but the country did not go further. Official update of targets to combat climate changeIt was submitted to the United Nations climate change agency on Thursday. harbinger of a bad start International climate talks in Glasgow Next week, given that China’s emissions now have the largest […]

Bezos Secures $1 Billion, $10 Billion Climate Commitment

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the richest men in the world, announced on Monday that he plans to spend $1 billion on conservation in places like the Congo Basin, the Andes and tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. The announcement was the final step for the Bezos World Fund, its biggest […]

‘Historical Distortions’ Tests South Korea’s Commitment to Freedom of Expression

Seoul — In the history of South Korea’s struggle for democracy, the 1980 uprising in Gwangju stands out as one of the proudest moments. Thousands of ordinary citizens took to the streets to protest the military dictatorship, and hundreds were shot dead by security forces. The bloody incident is in the textbooks “Gwangju Democratization Movement.” […]