Roe v. When Wade Is Overthrown, Companies Keep Silence on Abortion

The companies had more than a month to formulate a response to the termination of federal abortion rights in the United States if they did not weigh in soon after a draft opinion was leaked in May. But when the final decision comes Dobbs – Jackson Women’s Health Organization On Friday, relatively few had anything […]

Job Market for Tech Companies Still Hot, At least for now

The tech industry is full of sullen faces right now. stock up and cryptocurrency prices are falling and anxiety increased. It’s like every day some tech company or start lay off workers or putting hiring on hold. Crypto exchange Coinbase on Tuesday aforementioned was cutting 18 percent of the workforce. The pain is real for […]

Companies Like Nexii Are Betting On Sustainable Construction

This article is part of Upstart, a series about startups leveraging new science and technology. Starbucks last year opened a sustainable structure Drive-through cafe in Abbotsford, British Columbia, about an hour’s drive southeast of Vancouver. The store was the first of its kind to be built in six days with virtually no construction waste, and […]

A Buffer After 2021 Companies May Struggle To Increase Profits

An analysis of more than 2,000 publicly traded companies outside the financial sector by the New York Times found that most of them increased sales faster than expenses; it was a remarkable achievement as the cost of wages, raw materials and components rose and supply chains were shaken. As a result, profit margins, which measure […]

How An Organized Republican Effort Is Punishing Companies For The Climate

West Virginia state treasurer, Mr. Moore, coordinated a letter sent in November from 16 state treasurers and auditors to banks across the country, threatening “collective action by US financial institutions in response to the ongoing and growing economic boycott of traditional power generation industries.” ” In the letter, it was stated, “It is our sincere […]

Companies Pledge to Buy ‘Green’ at Davos Gathering

WASHINGTON — More than 50 companies have joined a global “buyers club” committed to purchasing aluminum, steel, and other commodities made from processes that emit little or no carbon. in Davos, Switzerland. John Kerry, President Biden’s special climate ambassador, and a group of billionaire corporate titans who gathered for the forum at a Swiss Alps […]

State AGs target tech as lawmakers’ efforts to hammer companies are lacking

Democratic and Republican attorneys generals are targeting big tech companies in court seeking to rein in their power through the judicial system as an alternative to legislation that isn’t gaining momentum in Congress. DC Attorney General Karl A. Racine is suing Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for alleged consumer protection violations, saying he should hold major […]

Arizona governor urges tech companies to block smuggling cartel ads

Sebastian Gamino-Solis, who was caught with five illegal immigrants in his BMW this month, told a Border Patrol officer that he was responding to an ad looking for drivers while trolling. Facebook. He needed to find some work and exchanged information. Then the phone call came: he was going to a park in Chula Vista, […]

Court of Appeals Revitalizes Texas Law Targeting Social Media Companies

A Texas law banning major social media companies from removing political speech was the first of its kind, enacted Wednesday, raising complex questions about how to follow rules for major web platforms. The law, which applies to social media platforms with 50 million or more monthly active users in the United States, was passed last […]

Why Aren’t US Oil Companies Starting to Save Europe?

“The model has completely changed,” he said. Oil executives also argue that they spend a lot of money on new oil and gas production, but inflation undermines their efforts. According to RBN Energy, a research firm in Houston, exploration and production spending will increase more than 20 percent this year, but about two-thirds of that […]