Two Twitter Leaders Leave Company After Musk Deal

According to an internal memo shared with employees on Thursday, the two leaders of Twitter are leaving the company as part of the shake-up of senior executives. elon muskrichest man in the world. According to the memo obtained by The New York Times, Twitter’s chief executive Kayvon Beykpour is leaving and will be replaced by […]

Russia hacked an American satellite company an hour before the attack.

Guerrero-Saade, who has been at the forefront of AcidRain research, says AcidRaid is more of a multi-purpose weapon where previous malware used by Russians has been narrowly targeted. “What worries AcidRaid greatly is that they have removed all security checks,” he says. “With previous wipers, the Russians were wary of running it only on certain […]

This company wants to use carbon dioxide to store renewable energy.

Compressing gases to store energy is nothing new: For decades, several plants around the world have been pumping air under pressure into large underground caverns and then using it to generate electricity in a natural gas power plant. But the Energy Dome has turned into carbon dioxide because of its physics. When carbon dioxide is […]

Review: After ‘Steve’: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and

Mickle creates a dense, detailed mosaic of the company’s trials and victories, showing us how Apple, built on Ive’s successes in the 2000s, became Cook’s company in the 2010s. Long knighted, Ive is increasingly fascinated by opportunities outside of Apple (museum exhibit, charity auction, an immersive Christmas tree installation) and is going part-time in 2015. […]

India seizes $725 million from Chinese company Xiaomi

NEW DELHI (AP) – Indian authorities seized $725 million from Chinese smartphone company on Saturday xiaomiAuthorities accused him of violating the country’s foreign exchange laws by making illegal remittances abroad. The Executive Directorate, India’s financial investigative agency, tweeted on Twitter that it had confiscated the amount. xiaomilocal unit. The move comes after an investigation by […]

Kevin Hart’s Media Company Sells $100 Million Shares to Private Equity

Kevin Hart has heard apocalyptic rumors about the streaming industry that have been shaking up Hollywood since Netflix reported it losing subscribers last week. But prolific actor and stand-up comedian Mr. Hart isn’t buying it. “There are too many different assets, too many different platforms, too many different places for the content world to disappear,” […]

Will Substack Go Beyond Newsletters? A company is weighing its future.

There are things that newsletter writer Kirsten Han missed about Substack. They just aren’t enough to get over the negativity. He disliked how the platform portrayed itself as a haven for less-resourced independent writers while offering six-figure advances to several prominent white men. The hands-on content moderation policy that allowed transphobic and anti-vaccine language didn’t […]

Company Says Elon Musk Won’t Join Twitter’s Board

elon muskThe company, the world’s richest man and Twitter’s largest shareholder, said late Sunday that it would no longer join the social media service’s board of directors. Twitter announced on Tuesday that 50-year-old Mr. Musk would be appointed to the 11-member board of directors for a period ending in 2024. Mr Musk had a 9.2 […]

NASA Plans to Give SpaceX a Company on the Moon

If NASA officials comply with their wishes, it’s not just SpaceX’s trip to the moon. it could be a blessing Jeff Bezos’ space dreams. As part of Artemis, NASA’s program to send astronauts back to the moon, the agency wanted to hire two companies to enable 2019 landers to take their astronauts from lunar orbit […]

Facebook’s Parent Company Will Have Employees Do Their Own Laundry

The salad days of Facebook’s generous employee benefits may be coming to an end. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, said on Friday that it was reducing or eliminating free services such as laundry and dry cleaning to its employees and pulling back the meal bell for free meals from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., according to […]