Comprehensive Ecologist and Amazon Savior Thomas Lovejoy Dies At 80

During his time at the World Wildlife Fund, he wrote part of a report commissioned by President Jimmy Carter – “Global 2000: Entering the 21st Century” Published in 1980 – it predicted that by 2020, 20 percent of all species in the world will become extinct. “Hundreds of thousands of species,” he wrote, “will be […]

EU plan for comprehensive update of Big Tech rules gains momentum

LONDON (AP) – The European Union’s pioneering ambitious plan on the internet rules update lock to restrain a committee of technology companies of the contents of the goals require measures to better control and lawmakers Big Tech Following the preparation of the voting arrangements gained momentum Tuesday. Last year, the 27-nation bloc drafted a sweeping […]

Why won’t comprehensive travel bans work to stop omicron?

Raghib Ali, an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge in England, says travel bans don’t actually solve the problem, they just delay it. Better testing is a much more effective measure. We need a balanced and proportionate response. This means no travel ban, but testing and quarantine for people coming from countries where the omicron […]