Biden executive warns quantum computing is poised to crack cryptography

The Biden administration warns that advances in quantum computing will soon shatter cryptographic security and make more digital communications vulnerable to hackers worldwide. According to management, improving the ability of supercomputers to solve complex mathematical problems will undo the effectiveness of the tools and processes used to thwart hackers. The government’s solution to the emerging […]

AI at the edge with 5G promises the future of ubiquitous computing

Luxury automaker Audi is pushing full throttle towards Industry 4.0 using artificial intelligence inference and computer vision on the factory floor with autonomous robot welders that can react in real time and solve problems that may arise when welding a car’s frame. This is just one example of how the company is moving towards realizing […]

Download: Quantum computing has a hype problem

This is today’s editiondownload,Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the tech world. Quantum computing has a hype problem As a buzzword, quantum computing probably ranks below just AI in terms of hype. Large technology companies now have significant research and development efforts in quantum computing. A number of […]

Quantum computing has a thrill problem | MIT Technology Review

Today’s most advanced quantum computers have dozens of decohering (or “noisy”) physical qubits. Building a quantum computer capable of cracking RSA codes from such components would require millions, if not billions, of qubits. Only tens of thousands of these were to be used for computation – so-called logical qubits; the rest will be required for […]

Early Influencer in Personal Computing Jim Warren, Dies at 85

Jim C. Warren Jr., Jim Sr. and Gladys Warren was born on July 20, 1936 in Oakland, California. The family soon became involved with his father, who was a pilot, after World War II. He moved to Texas, where he flew military transport planes during World War II. Mr. Warren grew up in San Antonio. […]

How has MIT Technology Review covered the evolution of computing?

February 1969 “From Human, Machine and Information Flight Systems”: Apollo 8’s flight to the moon, II. The technological success in developing advanced rockets to fly to the moon is well known. Much less understood, but perhaps of greater importance is the information management system. The work of thousands of people in real time and the […]

Creative Computing Pioneer Clive Sinclair Dies At 81

With personal computers, Mr. Sinclair has applied his creativity to technologies that have become available for commercialization, such as electronics, semiconductors, and software. The same cannot be said for his next ambitious venture: electric vehicles. Mr. Sinclair believed that electric cars were the future of transportation, but he was far ahead of the technology and […]

Google to invest $1.2 billion in German cloud computing program

BERLIN (AP) — Google It said on Tuesday it will invest 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) by 2030 to expand its cloud computing infrastructure. Germany and increase the use of renewable energy. The internet giant said it plans to add new cloud computing centers in the Berlin region and the town of Hanau, close to […]

Pentagon Cancels $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Computing Contract

The Department of Defense said Tuesday it will not move forward with a lucrative cloud computing contract that has become the subject of a contentious legal battle amid allegations of Trump administration interference. The Pentagon warned Congress in January that it would withdraw from the contract if a federal court agreed to consider whether former […]