Google’s I/O Conference Presents Modest Vision of the Future

SAN FRANCISCO – There was a time when Google offered a great vision of the future. driverless cars, augmented reality glassesunlimited storage of emails and photos, and prediction texts To complete the following sentences. More modest Google showcased Wednesday as the company kicked off its annual developer conference. The Google of 2022 is more pragmatic […]

Miami’s crypto frenzy on full display at bitcoin conference

Thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts gather Miami The city is building its reputation as one of the key locations for developing blockchain technology despite its poor status. Dozens of companies are using the Bitcoin 2022 conference, which runs from Wednesday to Saturday, as a venue to network, present ideas, and share announcements. New York City and […]

What Is It Like To Contain The Most Awaited Climate Conference In Turkey?

Times Insider It explains who we are and what we do, and offers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism has come together. The United Nations climate change conference, known as COP26, officially concludes on Friday as nearly 200 countries seek to finalize an agreement to combat global warming. World leaders, climate experts and activists gathered […]

Boris Johnson Copes With Scandal Amid Climate Conference

GLASGOW, Scotland — Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to the United Nations climate summit on Wednesday to persuade countries to make more meaningful commitments to curb global warming. But his splashy return to the global stage has been almost overshadowed by a growing scandal over lucrative business deals from Conservative Party lawmakers. Mr. Johnson is […]

Putin Won’t Go to Glasgow for Climate Conference

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir V. Putin will not attend a meeting United Nations climate summit The Kremlin said on Wednesday that this month is viewed as crucial for reducing emissions of planet-warming gases, but could hold a speech via video link. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, did not announce the decision regarding the summit […]

Why is the UN’s Conference on Biodiversity So Important?

Another high-level international environmental meeting kicked off this week as 20,000 government leaders, journalists, activists and celebrities from around the world prepare to land in Glasgow for a major climate summit that begins later this month. The problem it is trying to solve: The rapid collapse of species and systems that collectively sustain life on […]

Facebook’s New Bet on Virtual Reality: Conference Rooms

SAN FRANCISCO — The idea that virtual reality would go mainstream has remained for years: virtual. While tech giants like Facebook and Sony have spent billions of dollars perfecting the experience, virtual reality has remained a niche toy for hobbyists often willing to pay thousands of dollars for a bulky VR headset connected to a […]