Climate Groups Want Democrats to Confront Oil Companies over Gas

Other Democrats, particularly Representative Parag Khanna and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, proposed a tax on the “unexpected profits” of energy companies. According to Garin’s poll, the idea is popular even among Republicans, with 73 percent saying they support it. When asked about the concept, a White House official made no commitment, but said, “We’re not going […]

‘You Killed My Daughter’: Relatives of OxyContin Victims Confront

While state and local governments will allocate billions of dollars to Sacklers and Purdue for treatment and prevention programs, individual victims will receive far less if the current draft – or some approximation – of the Purdue bankruptcy and settlement plan is accepted. They can apply for compensation from a fund of up to $750 […]

Oil Executives to Confront Climate Disinformation Congress

Executives of some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies – Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP and Shell – will appear before a congressional committee on Thursday to address accusations that the industry has spent millions of dollars to run a decades-long campaign of disinformation. Doubt the science of climate change and derail action to […]