Congress warns the US is in the dark on foreign investment,

A former Department of Commerce official has warned legislators that the federal government is blind to who funds corporate and critical technology acquisitions in the United States, making America vulnerable to external threats from China. Nazak Nikakhtar, formerly assistant secretary of the Commerce Department in the Trump administration, told lawmakers that companies have not adequately […]

Congress seeks compromise to boost computer chip industry

WASHINGTON (AP) — A global shortage of computer chips has made it difficult for consumers to own cars, computers, and other modern-day necessities, so Congress wants to boost chip manufacturing and research in the US with billions of dollars from the US. federal government. Both house and Senate He passed a major law on the […]

WHO chief Becerra press Congress to pass global virus aid

As lawmakers prepare to bypass town without offering any funding to President Biden’s latest plan to fight the virus abroad, the head of the World Health Organization has urged Congress to continue its support for vaccine programs and other global health efforts. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the United States for being the largest […]

Congress examining electromagnetic spectrum management to prevent falls

Congress is reviewing the rules for managing the country’s electromagnetic spectrum resources so that it does not lag behind China in both 5G deployment and future 6G wireless technology. The Federal Communications Commission’s authorization to auction and license spectrum expires in September. Commercial businesses use spectrum to provide consumers with access to services such as […]

DuckDuckGo uses Congress as advertisers

Concerns that your phone is spying on you and sharing information with advertisers has led Congress to ban surveillance ads. DuckDuckGo He told lawmakers on Tuesday. Search engine competitor Google He backed a bill to stop ads targeting people based on personal data that the House Energy and Commerce Committee reviewed at a session Tuesday. […]

Privacy law stalled in Congress, lawmakers turn their attention to

Data privacy legislation loses momentum Congress Despite bilateral support for developing new laws to protect Americans. MPs passed at least 30 laws CongressBut none of the legislation comes close to the finish line, according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals. The policy of by-elections, where a consensus could not be reached on which bills […]

Congress resurrects tech coercion law aimed at eliminating child

Congress is pushing for a bill to crack down on technology on online child sexual exploitation by targeting legal liability protections. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and co-sponsor of the law, the Win Act removes the protections provided through Section 230 of the Communications Ethics Act for platforms that have child […]

Will Congress Pass New Regulation on Big Technology? Time May Be Running

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are preparing to push for bills aimed at curbing the power of the nation’s biggest tech companies, as they see the window of opportunity closing fast before the midterm elections. A Senate committee is expected to vote on a bill on Thursday that would ban companies like Amazon, Apple and Google […]

Democrats criticize themselves, Congress for creating bad cyber policy

House Democrats on Tuesday accused themselves and other members of Congress of making bad cyber policy that allowed America’s enemies to exploit vulnerabilities in the nation’s security. Democratic members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee acknowledged that the legislature did not do its job in a way that protected Americans from damaging hackers and […]

Crypto executives head to the Capitol as Congress discusses regulations

NEW YORK (AP) — Cryptocurrency executives took to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to understand their rapidly growing industry understands that more regulation is coming, but they don’t want the internet to suppress the next wave or send it to other countries. Leaders from major crypto exchanges, mining, and other related businesses testified four and a […]