A War on Banning Gas and Oil Connections in New Buildings

Good Morning. Today is Tuesday. Today we will explore an unfolding war against Government Kathy Hochul’s proposal to ban gas and oil connections in new buildings. And we’ll find out why New York City’s transition from gas-fired vehicles to electric vehicles started off slow. Given the share of daily anxiety New Yorkers devote to traffic […]

These are all connections in a small brain of a mouse brain.

Previous wiring diagrams have mapped “connections” for the following, as is known from the pictures. fruit fly and the human brain. One reason MICrONS has been so well received is that the dataset has the potential to improve scientists’ understanding of the brain and possibly help them treat brain disorders. Venkatesh Murthy A professor of […]

GOP Lawmakers Question Amazon’s Connections to the Pentagon Contract

WASHINGTON — As the Department of Defense prepares to receive bids for cloud computing work that could generate billions of dollars for Amazon, members of Congress are raising new questions about the company’s efforts to win a $10 billion contract during the Trump administration. While previously unpublished emails praised Pentagon officials in 2017 and 2018 […]