A war continues over prolonged covid in children

Children develop many other difficult-to-identify syndromes after contracting covid. Fatigue is common. Some children may have a cough or sore throat for months. Others take months to regain their sense of taste and smell. Some are too weak to go to school or show signs of heart damage, while others have seizures and fainting. Symptoms […]

As Opioid Crisis Continues Sacklers and Purdue Reach Agreement

But the new settlement still faces two potential hurdles. Even if bankruptcy judge Judge Drain signs off, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has to approve the plan, which would formally reverse the December decision that rejected the previous plan. A key component of the settlement, Sacklers’ immunity shield from civil litigation […]

Microsoft’s profit continues to increase.

Microsoft posted record profits and sales on Tuesday despite investors’ fears that the pandemic-induced tech boom could end. Microsoft, the first of the largest technology companies to report quarterly earnings ending in December, said its sales were $51.7 billion, up 20 percent from the previous year, and its profits were up 21 percent to $18.8 […]

Racial Inequality in Health Continues Despite Expanded Insurance

Dr. Johnston’s hometown of St. Louis, as in other cities, there are fewer healthcare providers and specialists in low-income and minority neighborhoods, he said, a function of structural racism and a legacy of housing discrimination. “It’s not an insurance issue – it has more to do with the supply side,” he added. “If you want […]

Death toll Continues to Rise in Texas Winter Storm

Officials said the death toll from the freezing winter weather that battered Texas and caused widespread power outages this year rose 59 to reach 210. Human loss in communities young and old, urban and rural, has devastated families in Texas. State Health Services Department, published the latest data On Tuesday, he said the numbers could […]

Fallout continues from biggest global ransomware attack

BOSTON (AP) — The largest ransomware attack ever continued to bite Monday as more details emerged about how a Russia-linked gang breached the exploited software company. Criminals essentially spread it globally using a tool that helps protect against malware. Thousands of organizations – mostly firms that remotely manage others’ IT infrastructure – were infected in […]