USPS Truck Contract Calls For Investigation

WASHINGTON — A group of House Democrats on Monday called for an investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s decision Purchase up to 165,000 petrol-powered mail trucks Over the Biden administration’s objections that the multibillion-dollar contract would undermine the country’s climate goals. The contract, worth up to $6 billion over 10 years, will be the Postal […]

Omicron Forces France’s Social Contract On Covid

PARIS — The deal was simple: get vaccinated and go back to your normal life. in a country with high level of suspicion The deal on Covid-19 vaccines and citizens quick defiance of authorities was an unexpected success. He made France one of the largest countries in Europe. vaccinated Countries suppressed street protests by government […]

Blue Origin Loses Legal Fight Over SpaceX’s NASA Moon Contract

A federal judge on Thursday rejected Jeff Bezos’ latest legal attempt to break NASA’s multibillion-dollar moon landing contract with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, ending a months-long war between the space companies of the world’s two richest men. The conflict put a significant snag on NASA’s plans to send humans back to the moon for the first […]

Bezos’ Company Loses Challenge to NASA SpaceX Lunar Lander Contract

The GAO also said that while NASA considered the three proposals fairly and acknowledged that NASA had improperly waived a requirement for SpaceX, this error was not serious enough to merit a remake of the competition. “Despite this finding, the decision also concludes that the protesters failed to establish a reasonable possibility of competitive bias […]

‘Criminal contract hackers’: China, Iran and Russia have more high-tech

Rogue governments are increasingly outsourcing criminals to take cyber attacks across the boundless realm of cyberspace to wreak havoc across the United States and the world. China, Iran, Russia, and other foreign enemies have contracted hackers, used advanced spyware technology, and used social media platforms as a tool to facilitate espionage. According to a senior […]

‘Blewed in their faces:’ Pentagon war cloud contract sparks death

With the Pentagon’s $10 billion virtual “cloud of war” now dead, military officials and key lawmakers are faced with a troubling question: Can a company as powerful as Amazon effectively determine how the federal government will do business in the 21st century? Defense industry analysts say the drama surrounding the unfortunate Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure […]

GOP Lawmakers Question Amazon’s Connections to the Pentagon Contract

WASHINGTON — As the Department of Defense prepares to receive bids for cloud computing work that could generate billions of dollars for Amazon, members of Congress are raising new questions about the company’s efforts to win a $10 billion contract during the Trump administration. While previously unpublished emails praised Pentagon officials in 2017 and 2018 […]

Pentagon Cancels $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Computing Contract

The Department of Defense said Tuesday it will not move forward with a lucrative cloud computing contract that has become the subject of a contentious legal battle amid allegations of Trump administration interference. The Pentagon warned Congress in January that it would withdraw from the contract if a federal court agreed to consider whether former […]

Pentagon cancels troubled JEDI cloud contract amid war with Amazon

Pentagon On Tuesday, he officially canceled the $10 billion “war cloud” project and Microsoft As the US military says, it will look to multiple companies to run a contract that has now become a political and legal hot potato. The move comes in the midst of a major legal and political battle between the parties. […]