Israel halts controversial technology to track omicron variant

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel said on Thursday it is stopping the use of a controversial phone tracking technology to track possible cases of the novel coronavirus variant. Earlier this week, the government approved travel restrictions and authorized the country’s homeland security agency to use phone tracking technology to track people infected with the omicron variant […]

COP26 Summit Shifts Focus to a Controversial Question: Who Will Pay?

GLASGOW – As negotiators at the United Nations climate summit grapple with the question of how to pay for the enormous costs of climate change, some of the world’s largest financial institutions on Wednesday pledged to mobilize trillions of dollars to help shift the global economy to cleaner energy. At the global climate summit here, […]

US about to launch controversial covid support campaign

Disputes: Booster shots have been controversial. A group of top scientists, including experts at the FDA and WHO, published a review. Lancet On Monday, arguing that booster vaccinations are unnecessary as vaccines are still very effective at preventing serious illness and death. They also say that vaccine supplies could save more lives if used for […]

YouTube suspended Rand Paul for a week over controversial video

YouTube on Tuesday removed a video of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for the second time and suspended it for a week after posting a video discussing the effectiveness of wearing masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus. A YouTube spokesperson said the Republican senator’s allegations in the three-minute video violated the company’s Covid-19 medical […]