Apple CEO Tim Cook criticizes policy efforts to shrink the App Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook Federal efforts to reduce Tuesday her app store‘s dominance of e-commerce will leave iPhone users more vulnerable to cyber-attackers, he says. Apple It faces increasing scrutiny from regulators and legislators, who say it is. Apple and Google‘s requirements for app developers are anti-competitive. Mr. Chef I said her opponents of politics […]

Lessons from Tim Cook, Antony Blinken and More from the DealBook

It also includes governments, pharmaceutical companies, and others. “take a step” Vaccine distribution studies worldwide. “The theory that this is temporary is starting to grow in the tooth…” Ken Griffin financial giant Citadel, the rapidly increasing inflation one of the biggest concerns. He said the Fed was “too generous” with stimulus and rejected estimates that […]

Tim Cook Faces Surprising Employee Unrest at Apple

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple, known among its Silicon Valley colleagues for a secretive corporate culture where employees are expected to be locked in step with management, is suddenly faced with a problem that was unthinkable a few years ago: employee unrest. On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook answered questions from workers at an all-staff meeting […]