Despite COP26 Promise, Deforestation Is High

Stopping deforestation was one of the biggest commitments to come out of the international climate talks in Glasgow last year, but there was little evidence of progress in 2021, according to a report released Thursday. This annual report The tropics lost 9.3 million acres of primary old forest in 2021, found by the World Resources […]

What Was Fashion Doing at COP26?

Fashion came to an official for the first time United Nations climate conference as in 2009 just held in Glasgow. COP15 (COP means “conference of the parties”) and was held in Copenhagen. I’m writing “soon” to a COP because fashion was not at the center of the climate debate back then. It wasn’t, somehow, really […]

6 Takeaways from the UN Climate Summit COP26

Before it began, the United Nations global climate summit in Glasgow, known as COP26, was billed by its chief organizer as the “last, best hope” for saving the planet. Halfway through, optimistic reviews of progress noted that heads of state and industry giants are in place to start the meeting with new climate promises; it […]

COP26 Live Updates: Negotiators Race to Reach Climate Deal as

ImageAt the U.N. climate change conference on Thursday in Glasgow.Credit…Yves Herman/Reuters As international climate change talks in Glasgow hurtled toward the closing hours, a new draft agreement released on Friday morning called for a doubling of money to help developing countries cope with climate impacts, and called on nations to strengthen their emissions-cutting targets by […]

COP26 Climate Talks Leave a Huge Carbon Footprint, According to Report

The carbon footprint of this year’s United Nations climate summit is expected to be double that of the previous conference in 2019, according to a report for the British government. The COP26 summit in Glasgow, scheduled to conclude on Friday, is expected to produce emissions equivalent to around 102,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. A report […]

Pope Francis Prays for COP26 Climate Negotiations

Pope Francis urged Catholics in Scotland on Thursday to pray for a “fruitful outcome” as negotiators at the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow try to reach an agreement by the end of the week. Inside A letter published by the VaticanFrancis said he regretted not being able to attend the COP26 summit as previously […]

Trash at Glasgow Piles High, Outside of COP26

GLASGOW — In Welsh, “Glasgow” means “dear green place”, nodding to the city’s parks, gardens and thriving green spaces. But according to Chris Mitchell, who has been a garbage collector there for over two decades, the only thing that thrives in Glasgow these days is “a mountain of waste”. As diplomats UN climate summit in […]

We Tell the Final Days of COP26 in Real Time

As the climate summit in Glasgow approaches its closing session, the United Nations has issued A draft agreement late Wednesday that countries will use as a template for a global agreement on stronger action against global warming. However, major obstacles remain at the conference, which is scheduled to end on Friday. The draft calls on […]

People In France Forgot To See COP26 Rising Energy Prices

MONTARGIS, France – It separates this provincial town just 75 miles from Paris, but if the capital is all about a renewable energy revolution, the talk here is how much it’s costing people. “We want to go very fast,” said Jean-Pierre Door, a conservative MP with a large number of angry voters. “People are pushing […]

Barack Obama Returns to COP26 with Call for Activism

GLASGOW — Former President Barack Obama, who helped sign the Paris climate agreement six years ago, showed up at the climate summit here to reassure a global audience that officials are sticking to the cause despite American political divisions. “Politics in the US is not always easy,” he said. “Perhaps my successor wasn’t as interested […]