Like Owls and Seabirds Today, Pterosaurs Coughed Food They Couldn’t

Fur, bones, feathers and scales can kill digestion. After swallowing their prey whole, hunters face a puzzle: What do you do with indigestible parts? Owls and other birds of prey will cough up anything that cannot be used. If you’ve ever been to a science museum, you may have examined one of the products of […]

NIH Says Bat Research Group Couldn’t Submit Rapid Virus Findings

The National Institutes of Health said Wednesday that a nonprofit group that has come under fire by some Congressional Republicans for its research collaborations in China did not immediately report the findings of studies on how well bat coronaviruses grew in mice. In a letter to Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer, the NIH said the […]

How Facebook Couldn’t Prevent Racist Abuse of England’s Football Players

In May 2019, Facebook asked the organizers of English football to their London office in Regent’s Park. On the agenda: What to do about the growing racial harassment on the social network against black football players? Two people familiar with the conversation said at the meeting that Facebook thought there was a conflict with representatives […]