The hunt for a universal covid vaccine

The key to the universal vaccine is the mosaic nanoparticle with many different viral fragments clustered closely together on its surface. B cells of the immune system that produce specific antibodies are likely to find and bind to at least some of these conserved virus fragments that remain unchanged in the new variants. Thus, B […]

India’s delivery apps and covid vaccines for young children

N. Sudhakar sits behind the counter of his hole-in-the-wall grocery store in Bangalore, southern India, from 7 am to dusk, seven days a week. Filled with everything from 20-kilogram bags of rice to one-rupee ($0.01) shampoo bags, this floor-to-ceiling one-stop shop fills most of the daily needs of many in the neighborhood. A carbon copy […]

Covid Cases Rise, But Deaths Are Low

An emergency room physician at Brown University, Dr. “Overall, people who come in with Covid are much less sick than this winter,” said Megan Ranney. “It almost feels like a different disease to people, except for those who are really old, unvaccinated, or immunocompromised.” Inequalities in access to supportive vaccines and antiviral pills also put […]

Ivermectin Doesn’t Shorten Recovery Time From Covid, Study Finds

Antiparasite drug ivermectin does not reduce time needed to recover from COVID A large study published online on Sunday. HE The drug, which has been popular since the early pandemic as an alternative treatment, not effective against the virus. The new trial, led by researchers at Duke University and Vanderbilt University, tested more than 1,500 […]

China’s impressive pressure and the origins of covid

No one had predicted how quickly three of China’s strongest influences would fall. On June 3, 30-year-old Austin Li, who has more than 60 million followers, abruptly cut the live broadcast after a tank-shaped ice cream dessert appeared on screen. Although he later reported that this was due to “technical difficulties,” most people understand that […]

Mysteries About the Origin of Covid linger, According to WHO Report

inside that first reportAn international team of scientists brought together by the World Health Organization to advise on the origins of the coronavirus said on Thursday that bats most likely carried an ancestor of the coronavirus, which may have spread to a mammal that was later sold at a wildlife market. But the team said […]

Moderna Says Revised Covid Vaccine Works Better Against Omicron

modern announced the first results on Wednesday On an updated coronavirus vaccine targeting the Omicron variant, he calls it our “pioneer candidate” for the fall to serve as a US booster shot. The firm’s researchers tested a booster dose that combined the original vaccine with a vaccine specifically targeting Omicron, the variant that became dominant […]

FDA Advisors to Discuss Covid Shots by Novavax

a federal advisory committee on Tuesday will vote on whether regulators should allow a Covid-19 vaccine made by one of the government’s first beneficiaries, Novavax. Operation Warp Rate program. Food and Drug Administration experts, East meeting scheduled to start at 8:30will base its recommendations on the company’s robust clinical trial data. But the FDA would […]

Treated ‘London Patient’ with HIV Then Turned To Covid.

visionaries a limited series this looks at figures trying to transform our way of life. Ravindra Gupta had been studying drug-resistant HIV for over a decade when she first met Adam Castillejo, who would become known as a drug addict. “The London Sick” The second person in the world to be cured of HIV, Dr. […]

Google search results elevate China’s narrative about the origins of COVID,

According to a new study by the Brookings Institution and the Alliance to Secure Democracy, results from Google search engines increase China’s preferred narratives about the origins of COVID-19 and human rights abuses. In response to inquiries about COVID-19 and the location of alleged human rights abuses against Xinjiang, a northwestern Chinese province, and the […]