Women’s periods may be delayed after coronavirus vaccine, study

Shortly after the introduction of coronavirus vaccines about a year ago, women began reporting irregular menstrual cycles after receiving the vaccines. Some said their period was late. Others reported bleeding heavier than normal or painful bleeding. In fact, some postmenopausal women who have not had their period for years have even said that they are […]

Biden says 5G rollout delayed by telecom giants is ‘a step up’

President Biden Tuesday welcomed the resolutions AT&T and verizon Postponing the planned deployment of 5G information networks near airports for fear of widespread disruption to air travel and shipping. Describing the delay as “an important step in the right direction”, Mr. Biden aforementioned he He was grateful to the telecom operators for acting in good […]

Launch of new NASA space telescope delayed after event

BERLIN (AP) — European Space Agency it says new launch NASA The telescope that will replace the famous Hubble observatory is being delayed to allow experts to check for possible damage to the device following an incident at the spaceport in French Guiana. NS ESA He said late Monday that technicians were preparing to attach […]

Women’s Role in Protection Delayed Despite Success

In Siquijor, the islanders, like most of the Philippines, are heavily dependent on the ocean for both income and food. But these days the fishermen here are catching less and less fish. Oceana, an ocean conservation nonprofit, reports that across the Philippines, 75 percent of fishing grounds are overfished, and reef fish have declined by […]

Polio and Measles Vaccines Delayed for Children Around the World

The pandemic has put a serious setback on global efforts to vaccinate children against diseases such as measles and polio. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported On Thursday, it reduced the worldwide coverage of some vaccines to levels not seen more than a decade ago. The proportion of eligible children receiving the polio […]

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin’s William Shatner spaceflight delayed

The predicted high winds, not the rapidly proliferating “Tribbles” of a famous “Star Trek” episode, will delay 90-year-old actor William Shatner’s first real-life space flight by one day, according to a Sunday announcement from the firm. The journey would make the legendary actor the oldest person to ever fly into space. blue origin said. “Due […]

Mike Lindell’s 2020 election symposium delayed by ‘hacked’ livestream

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell aforementioned her Website Frank Speech was hacked Tuesday morning, interrupting the livestream of the Cyber ​​Symposium on how Chinese hackers scammed the 2020 presidential election, delaying the start of the three-day event. Mr. Lindell says He It has 37 terabytes of “irrefutable” evidence. He Said it was supported by Chinese, entered […]