Blu-ray and 4K movie reviews: ‘Dr. Phibes Double Feature’ and ‘The Scream’

Here’s a couple reviews that cover some classic horror movies and the resurrection of a popular slasher franchise. Dr. Phibes Double Feature (Kino Lorber, PG and PG-13 rated, 1.85:1 aspect ratio, 183 minutes, $29.95) — One of my favorite horror icons growing up in the 1970s returns to Blu-ray format to give a new generation […]

Netflix adds a ‘Double Thumbs Up’ option

Now you can super like this Netflix Show that you’re begging for more. The streaming service allows users to show a more intense appreciation for their favorite offers (and Netflixof course, more insights and – eventually – valuable data about their customers). “Over time we’ve learned that these feelings can go beyond a simple like […]

Biden Pledges Double Assistance on Climate, a Key Issue at UN Meeting

President Biden said on Tuesday that his administration will seek to double the aid aimed at helping developing countries tackle climate change, increasing its April promise to about $11.4 billion a year by 2024. The word is thought to be critical to the success of the United Nations-led climate talks scheduled to take place in […]