Enhance the agent experience with AI contact centers

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. Contact centers are of significant value to businesses, but they often have to deal with a disconnected workforce and dissatisfied customers. New AI systems can help future-proof contact centers with a smarter workforce, happier customers and stronger finances. click here to continue. […]

The connected world: Delivering a best-in-class customer experience

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. The increasing adoption of cloud-based applications has become a hidden hero enabling a smoother transition while delivering the superior experience organizations need to compete in today’s environment, and this trend is expected to continue. click here continue. Source link

Turning AI into your customer experience ally

It’s one thing to know whether an individual customer is interested in a new mattress or replacing the sofa cushions; Knowing how to mobilize those people and make the purchase is one thing. When deployed strategically, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a marketer’s trusted customer experience ally; transforms customer data into actionable insights and creates […]

Building Apps Helps Turn the Office into a Touchless Experience

Myrna Coronado-Brookover, senior vice president of asset services at Transwestern, a commercial real estate company that helped oversee the app’s rollout, said the app is “an important piece of technology that helps people feel safe going back to the office.” in the building. Building applications also offer the ability to monitor the use of conference […]

Most of us will experience climate change first through water.

In closing this thread, I came across a video of a submerged highway on Twitter just outside of Vancouver. He was not alone. British Columbia’s densely populated urban heart was cut off from the rest of Canada by flooding and mudslides after an atmospheric river crossed. The country’s busiest port lost access to rail service […]

In the experience economy, experience systems take center stage.

In a now-famous 1998 article Harvard Business Review, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore introduced the business world to the concept of the experience economy. The theory looked like this: businesses had passed through various economic stages (agriculture, industry, and service) in which the nature of what was sold continued to evolve. For […]

Creating a better human experience at work starts with trust

What if managers and leaders at companies focused on a new goal: to elevate the human experience? This paradigm shift is something Amelia Dunlop, chief experience officer at Deloitte Digital, advocates for. She and her team have worked hard to measure the amount of humanity in the workplace—a measurement that often depends on how much […]

How Did You Experience Extreme Weather?

happened”a disastrous summer” As the planet warms, extreme weather events such as wildfires, heat waves, hurricanes, droughts and floods are becoming more common. What extreme weather events have you heard of during the summer? Have you had any experience yourself? What do you think about the dangerous weather situation occurring in the world? What do […]

Facebook’s Next Goal: Religious Experience

Months before the Hillsong megachurch opened its new outpost in Atlanta, its pastor sought advice on how to build a church in a pandemic. from facebook. The social media giant had a proposal, pastor Sam Collier recalled in an interview: to explore “how churches can go further on Facebook,” using the church as a case […]