Australia’s Clever Birds Didn’t Accept This Science Experiment

The Australian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It has a beautiful song of extraordinary complexity. It can recognize and remember up to 30 different human faces. But Australians know magpies best for their mischievous tendencies. An enduring rite of passage of an Australian childhood is to flee each spring […]

SpaceX Tourists To Experiment In-Flight Spacewalk

No astronauts have ever died during the spacewalk. But a clogged filter in 2013 Water to get into Luca Parmitano’s helmetAn Italian astronaut for the European Space Agency during a trip outside the station. The procedure for a spacewalk during Mr. Isaacman’s proposed mission will differ from that of the space station. Unlike the orbiting […]

Legless Frogs Regrow Leg-Like Limbs in New Experiment

To stimulate regrowth in a creature that does not naturally regenerate, such as an adult frog or human, the researchers experimented with stem cell implants or gene therapy. However, Dr. Murugan said these methods can be extremely complex to implement. Dr. Levin suggested that an easier approach is to trigger the animal’s cells to regenerate […]

Can Sustainable Mining Experiment Be Done at New Caledonia Power Tesla?

“New Caledonia is perceived as a country that contributes to the fight against global warming through exploiting its ore,” regional president Louis Mapou said in an interview. “We have very high production costs in New Caledonia, it’s true but we respect human rights, we respect local people’s rights and we respect the environment.” Even with […]

An Experiment to Stop Online Abuse in Germany Failed

“We have zero tolerance for hate speech and support the goals of NetzDG,” Facebook said in a statement. Twitter, which received nearly 833,000 complaints and removed nearly 81,000 posts over the same period, said most of these posts didn’t meet the definition of illegal speech, but still violated the company’s terms of service. “Threats, abusive […]

How a Laser Fusion Experiment Unleashed an Energetic Burst of Optimism

Scientists have come encouragingly close to reproducing the power of the sun – albeit with just a speck of hydrogen for just a fraction of a second. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reported Tuesday that they were able to ignite bursts of fusion power of more than 10 quadrillion watts by using 192 gigantic […]