How Disgust Explains Everything – The New York Times

The most important accounts of disgust after Darwin come from a pair of Hungarian men, Aurel Kolnai (born 1900) and Andras Angyal (1902), born two years apart. I could not find any evidence that they knew each other, but it is unlikely that Angyal, whose paper of disgust appeared in 1941, did not draw from […]

An 8-Year-Old Explains The Metaverse

But in real life, I can throw weird parties. I wanted to get a better look at our supposedly fantastic future in the Metaverse, so we signed in. adopt me!The confectionery of a game with Candy Land-esque graphics was born from eggs, some ordinary, some legendary, in which users collect and tend pets. “You’ve just […]

The Times Team Explains Chicago’s Climate Problem Visually

Times Insider It explains who we are and what we do, and offers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. There’s a climate conflict in Chicago, and the city’s signature natural feature – Lake Michigan – is in the middle. Fluctuations in evaporation and precipitation cause significant fluctuations in the lake’s water levels, which […]