A Seagull Flaps Its Wings and A Deadly Virus Explodes

A great black-backed gull that migrated to eastern Canada from Europe last winter may have been the first carrier to North America of the deadly strain of bird flu that has killed tens of millions of domestic poultry and devastated wild bird populations. Large-scale outbreaks have provided researchers with a new opportunity to fine-tune their […]

Biden signs order in cryptocurrency as its use explodes

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order on government oversight of cryptocurrency urging the Federal Reserve to investigate whether the central bank should step in and create its own digital currency. Previewing the order on condition of anonymity under terms set by the White House on Tuesday, a senior administration official said the […]

Strange Comet Explodes 4 Times in ‘Super Explosion’

Last Saturday, a glowing speck of light exploded in the shadows behind Jupiter. And then it continued to explode, firing two more violent jets of material into space on Sunday, followed by a fourth paroxysm on Monday. As it enraged and flared up, it became 250 times brighter than usual, like a lit match turning […]