Meta replaces Facebook tech with DOJ deal to avoid discrimination

Facebook has agreed to stop using its digital advertising tool and change its algorithms to settle a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act. Justice Department officials said the US government has reached a settlement with Facebook’s parent company Meta to settle its lawsuit Tuesday in the […]

Non-Monogamous Lawyers Ask Facebook To Be More Open

A group that supports unethical monogamy sent an open letter to Meta on Thursday asking Facebook to allow users to list multiple relationship statuses on their profiles. this letterPolygamy and the Ethical Non-Monogamy Organization, or OPEN, launched it, said Facebook’s current policy is “arbitrary” and “exclusive”. Among the signatories were leaders of groups such as […]

Ad tracking tool sends patients’ health information to Facebook: Report

Hospitals allegedly post patients’ private information to Facebook, potentially sharing their health information with the social network via an ad tracker. According to a study by The Markup and STAT, the tracker called Meta Pixel was available on 33 hospital websites and posted data to Facebook every time someone clicked to schedule a doctor’s appointment. […]

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg resigns

SAN FRANCISCO — Sheryl Sandberg, the #2 executive of Facebook-owned Meta, is stepping down, according to a post on her Facebook page Wednesday. Sandberg served as chief operating officer at the social media giant for 14 years. He joined from Google in 2008, four years before Facebook went public. Meta did not immediately respond to […]

Buffalo footage: Twitch captured videos faster than Facebook, but not

NEW YORK – Social platforms have learned faster over the past few years to remove videos of violence against extremists. It’s unclear if they’re moving fast enough. Police said they broadcast the attack live to Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch on Saturday when a white gunman killed 10 people and injured three, most of them Black, […]

Trump’s dismissal from Facebook and Twitter: A timeline.

later 6 January attack on the Capitol Supporters of President Donald J. Trump have called on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to limit hate speech and glorification of violence on their platforms. January 6, 2021: “These are things and events that happened when a holy landslide election victory was so vaguely and violently […]

Belarus-linked hackers targeted Ukrainian military Facebook accounts,

Belarus-linked hackers tried to hack into the Facebook accounts of dozens of Ukrainian military personnel and post videos encouraging the surrender. RussiaThe occupation, according to Meta on Thursday. Meta has released a threat report saying it has blocked a handful of accounts from sharing videos, but has observed Belarus and other state-sponsored cyber campaigns linked […]

Adults or Sexually Abused Minors? Getting it Right Revitalizes Facebook

The number of suspected reports of child sexual abuse has increased exponentially in recent years. The high volume, which reached roughly 100,000 in 2009, overwhelmed both the national clearing house and law enforcement. 2019 Investigation by The Times He found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could manage its caseload from the clearinghouse only by […]

How the War in Ukraine Confused Facebook and Instagram

MetaThe owner of Facebook and Instagram took an unusual step last week: It suspended certain quality controls that ensure posts from users in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries follow its rules. As part of the change, Meta has temporarily stopped monitoring whether its employees, who monitor Facebook and Instagram posts in these areas, […]

How China’s TikTok is pushing propaganda from Facebook influencers

WASHINGTON (AP) – To her 1.4 million followers on social media, Vica Li says she’s a “life blogger” and “food lover” who wants to teach her fans something. Chinese So they can easily travel the country. “I’ll take you around with my lens Chinese, take you into Vica’s life!” He says in a January video […]