Instagram will post Amber Alerts.

Instagram said Wednesday it launched Amber Alerts to share notifications of missing children after growing criticism that the social media platform is harming children. Meta Trust and Security Director Emily Vacher said the feature will be fully rolled out in 25 countries in the coming weeks. Meta operates Instagram and Facebook, which previously made Amber […]

Instagram adds fundraising to Reels to help nonprofits

NEW YORK — Social media giant Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, celebrates Earth Day by expanding its fundraising tools and making them more accessible to 1.5 million nonprofits, including nonprofits, on Facebook and Instagram platforms. He plans to celebrate. tackling climate change. Starting Tuesday, Instagram users can turn short videos into fundraisers by […]

For Prominent Women on Instagram, DMs Can Be a Phosphorus of Misogyny

Looking at the private direct messages on Instagram of five prominent women found a flood of harassment, including pornographic images and threats of physical and sexual violence, according to a new report released Wednesday. ReportRun by the Center for Combating Digital Hate, an international nonprofit, was far from being the first to identify the urgent […]

Mining “The Depths of Wikipedia” on Instagram

Did you know that there is a Swiss political party dedicated to opposing the use of PowerPoint? Do some believe that Avril Lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced by a similar one? Or that there is a stone that mysteriously looks like a piece of meat in a museum in Taiwan? Probably not – […]

How the War in Ukraine Confused Facebook and Instagram

MetaThe owner of Facebook and Instagram took an unusual step last week: It suspended certain quality controls that ensure posts from users in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries follow its rules. As part of the change, Meta has temporarily stopped monitoring whether its employees, who monitor Facebook and Instagram posts in these areas, […]

Russian court bans Facebook and Instagram on charges of ‘extremism’

MOSCOW – Moscow court banned Facebook and as Instagram on Monday deemed extremist activity in a lawsuit against its parent companies, Meta. this Tverskoy District Court Fulfilled prosecutors’ request for outlaw Meta Platforms Inc. and forbidden Facebook and for calling Instagram “extremist activities.” Prosecutors accused social media platforms of ignoring government requests to remove what […]

Instagram brings new parental controls

Social media giant Instagram is creating new tools to help parents monitor how their kids use the photo-sharing app. The tools allow parents to see how much time kids spend on Instagram and set time limits. They can also see who their children are following and who is following them on the site. Instagram President […]

Russia expands social media crackdown by blocking Instagram

Russian regulators said on Friday that internet users would be blocked from accessing Instagram because it was used to call for violence against Russian soldiers. Moscow‘s latest move to tighten access to foreign social platforms. Communications and media regulator Roskomnadzor said in a statement that it was restricting national access to Instagram because the platform […]

The Instagram Handle was ‘Metaverse’. Last Month, Disappeared.

SYDNEY, Australia — In October, Thea-Mai Baumann, an Australian artist and technologist, found herself sitting in prime internet real estate. In 2012, he opened an Instagram account with the name @metaverse, which he used in his creative works. In the account, he documented his life in Brisbane, where he studied fine arts, and his travels […]